Of Critical Import

There is nothing more All-American, more important to core values, more integral to society as a whole and the happiness of the nation – nothing more sacred than the right to be able to toss yourself on a couch, flip on a TV, and find an episode of “Law & Order”.

So explain to me why my go-to cable friends, TBS, USA – why are you supporting terrorism? Why are you changing up the system that has worked so well for everyone for so long? Why would you show me “Bones” or “NCIS“? I don’t understand. And now you tell me you’re bringing me “CSI:NY“? You can’t be serious. That’s what Spike is for.

I mean, good thing there is a beach outside and I don’t have all theat much time for TV these days, or I’d totally lose it. There’s something so comforting about the background noise of Lenny Briscoe and Jack McCoy that make up part of who I am, and that part is missing these days. I’m going to go scour Netflix for seasons I haven’t seen – you let me know when it’s safe to turn on the TV again.

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Guess who set foot inside a gym today? This guy.

Seriously, it’s been almost a year. That is scary right? To not have SET FOOT in a GYM for almost A YEAR!?!?! Wow. It felt a little strange. And smelly. But inspiring.

MR drags me (at 10 – sooo early!) to a dance class. Like the infomercial. Zumba. It was great. High energy cardio. Just what my butt has been needing. I hope this is the start of something good – although I ate like a pig all day afterward…

Taco Tuesday

Does any other city have this greatness or is this a San Diego thing?

Almost every bar with food does some sort of special on Tuesday. We’ve been hopping around trying to find the best one. Cabo Cantina has a special place in MK’s heart – all you can eat for 5$ goes a long way when you are a bottomless hole. I like their 2 for 1 drinks – that’s a 4$ double tall vodka soda, mmm. Most other Mexican places hook up 2$ tacos, some better than others. We tried a place in Old Town tonight that was really great for a friend’s birthday.

Lesson Not Learned

This post has to be a little cryptic. I was going to blab all about the little details – but there’s a story about a guy who was on Twitter, mentioned he was going on vacation, and someone found his flickr page and broke in to his house and stole all the stuff he’d posted pics of, his toys and computer and all that (HERE’S THAT LINK, Thanks SB).

So – all I can mention(other than we live in Arizona, wink wink) a general story. It bums me out – I was all prepared to put up pictures for you and tell you all about the excitement and sheer joy I’m running on with the little gifts from my husband for my anniversary. I got two very nice things, but for fear of someone coming and hunting me down – it’s seriously made me a little paranoid – I can’t tell you. You’ll have to call and ask. And I’ll have to believe that you’re the kind of friend that won’t come stealing from me! And we’ll all just have to hope that my cell phone isn’t stolen…again. I’m still a little bitter…

(Speaking of which, another friend got their sunglasses stolen from the same place my phone was taken, just saying.)


I’m having nightmares that this girl I know that put up Facebook pictures of her new car gets it stolen, that people are going to all come after other people’s things. Be careful on the internet people!

Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Being Unrealistic

It seems pretty standard to me that most people go through periods of frugality and periods of splurging. Sometimes it just depends what day it is. With RDR coming up, and my roots showing, I decided to buy an 8$ box of hair dye that proclaimed itself to be “Deep Brown”, the color that sounded most like my own natural color. I didn’t feel up to calling, getting an appointment, sitting around in an uncomfortable chair, and waiting for someone that isn’t me to blowdry my hair into a style I never wear (why do they always do that?). It would be easier and I’d be saving money, right?

Why did I think that? That must be because I am a moron. I forgot that the reason you spend the 100$ is so that your “Deep Brown” hair will not come out midnight black except for the spot way in the back you couldn’t reach (which is thankfully only visible if I make it a point to show you). You pay for that removal creme they use so that the color is not on you forehead, ears, wrists where the gloves slipped, and mysteriously a couple splatters on your shoulders, which are all still there after two showers and three attempts with makeup remover.

Tough. I’m not caving in. I’m dealing with this for at least a month until the greys are showing again. I might even say that black is what I was going for. I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, bleached the destroyed hair towel, and found a hat to wear as I head out to get some sun. Maybe no one will notice my hair if I have a great tan.

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