Another Milestone

Reflection is time consuming.


Five Things I’ve Learned After 100 Of These Friday Fives:

  1. I will not be a stand up comedian when I grow up.
  2. Shorter does not = easier.
  3. I need the computer to be in front of me when the funny thing happens or I forget it.
  4. I end up repeating myself and being vague way too much for someone who talks as much as I do.
  5. I have the best blog followers ever – even if none of them also blog and participate!


6 thoughts on “Another Milestone

  1. 1) that’s my job
    2) taller != easier, either
    3) ditto
    4) I don’t get it…
    5) why blog when I could just leave these comments on yours?

  2. 1. Why aspire, when you can retire?
    2. Short, average, tall… pants never fit right anyway.
    3. Tweet, or make a note on your BB for later posting.
    4. Not really… except for the anniversary gifts post, which was so vague it was funny.
    5. I like being a follower. If I had a blog, my child might starve.

  3. Ha! I wonder how we all managed to misinterpret that. Maybe because the preceding statement ended with “when I grow up?”

  4. totally cracks me up. Ever wonder how other people describe you? “Oh, she’s short, dark hair, hot husband, um, short…”

    Oh and Craig – #4 meant “I SHOULD BE BETTER AT THIS BY NOW!!” I know you particularly agree.

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