Ever since being totally hooked on the move Love Actually, I am a big fan of airports. Happy or sad, they are places filled with emotional reunions and tearful goodbyes. DW was late yesterday and MK and I sat coffee in hand and watched the men anxiously waiting with bouquets in their hands. It makes me feel all gooey on the inside.

San Diego, from what I understand, is the Number One tourist destination/vacation travel spot for the 4th of July holiday. The airport was certainly busy. But I don’t mind the parking and running in, I enjoy the people watching. I haven’t traveled in a little while (well, at least for us) and got all nostalgic thinking about my last few trips, happy and sad, to see my friends in Austin and my family back East.

What is an airport to you? A big pain in the butt to have to deal with to get somewhere or a unique place to see life?


6 thoughts on “Airports

  1. I love airports because I don’t get to travel a lot. Going to an airport means I’m going on an adventure to some place I most likely haven’t been to. Even if I’m not the one traveling; if I’m only picking someone up or dropping them off, I’m part of their trip. I haven’t been in airports enough to think about other people’s reasons for being there. I’m always to preoccupied with my reason. I’ll have my chance to travel more…opportunities for me are out there.

  2. I will be honest, airports are a big pain in the rear. As a side note, I liked Love Actually, and it did make me reconsider my dislike of airports.

    Having said that, I did some traveling this weekend and was very impressed on one Delta flight. We were arriving in Minneapolis and as we touched down, the flight attendant did her normal deal, then ended with something similar to the following:

    “ final note, we have a soldier traveling with us today who has not seen his family in some time. He is being met by his wife and kid at the airport. If you could please allow him to get off first, I am sure he would really appreciate it.”

    The entire plane applauded, stayed in their seats, and applauded again as the soldier left the plane. That was something very emotional to me, and I was very impressed with the plane of people that would do that.

  3. It made my eyes tear up at Gibson’s in the Nashville airport on Monday when the bartender said she had a shot and a beer special. After my tall Bud Light and shot of chilled Crown, she slipped me a bill for $10! As for airports, LOVE’EM! People watching on steroids!

  4. Airports are just stepping stones for real adventures that may include random stories. Like the stupid security women saying the town on your driver’s license is fictional.

  5. Oh boy I love my boys. You are so silly. But stepping stone is a great way to explain it. It’s always the beginning or end of an adventure! Even if it’s a good drink adventure! 🙂

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