SXSW Was Dangerous, I Was Right!

“With no less than three of the biggest after parties at this year’s SXSW abruptly shut down, it’s no wonder that we’ve been hearing all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories. But much as we’d love to blame this year’s spate of buzzkilling closures on curmudgeonly old muckety-mucks, the evidence seems to point to something far less interesting: lack of permits.At least that was the case with FactoryPeople‘s Thursday night rager, “La Chic Disco Boum,” and the IHeartComix/Triple 5 Soul Friday night “Blow Out,” both of which were shut down by fire marshals not long after they began. Vice Magazine‘s end-of-SXSW-orgy, on the other hand, succumbed under the collective weight of its hard-partying hipster clientèle — literally, as pieces of the main balcony at the Elks Lodge collapsed. Miraculously, no one was injured.” -from the

We missed Factory People AND iheartcomix, and don’t feel so bad we didn’t go wait in line if they ended up shut down. The Vice party absolutely cracked me up. The story was, after the guest list was full, you could be awarded an entry if you wrote them a begging haiku. Not only that, but the party was moved from the original location the night of. And they still managed to break things!

These are things I’m not sorry I missed, and further reason I’m convinced we had the best experience ever!


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