Better Bother You

If nothing else, this article might shock you. I don’t really want you to leave in search of greener pastures, but maybe you should pick up a book once in a while. And no, Harry Potter DOESN’T COUNT. I mean, I’m sitting here working on a book and trying to get it published, but this makes me wonder a little bit if there’s any point to all my efforts. Well, besides the bragging rights and notoriety and world tours I’m imagining in my dreams.

I personally discovered who I was through my reading, went to college to seek out those who inspired me and learn more about them, and have put my career aside to attempt the artistic feat of having an impact like that on someone through my words. Now I’m afraid it’s all for nothing.

One In Four Read No Books Last Year

large library of books

3 thoughts on “Better Bother You

  1. That stings, especially coming from a fellow English Lit major. Harry Potter does count! In the last week, I re-read #s 4-6 and devoured #7!!! The woman is a fantastic author, and if you haven’t read the set, you’re missing out.

  2. I’m sure she’s lovely, she’s made a lot of money. I guess I don’t think it’s what you should read if you never read anything else (and there’s plenty of that).

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