How Bad Is It?

The last time that I put forth a true conundrum, our discussion was pretty interesting (read here). So here’s the latest situation that we found ourselves in. I need your advice.

This past weekend, MK was in a wedding. We had to go to the mall (no choice) to get his suit. As we were dropping it back off, it was prom or whatever, and the place was packed. With ME IN THE CAR, he pulled into one of the 7 available handicapped spots while he ran in and dropped the suit off. It maybe took a minute.

Mall security approached us as we were reversing. Apparently the big fat guy in the orange shirt behind us had mall security on speed dial, could see from our front dash that 100 yards away that there wasn’t a handicapped tag, and made the call. The nice gentleman mall employee let us off after we apologized.

I would never, on my own, steal a single handicapped spot. But MK leaving me in the car was to show that, were the other 6 spots filled, I would drive around until I found MK, but since he had been driving, we stopped instead of switching spots. Internet, is this the same as murder? I felt pretty huffy about it. And the orange shirt guy glaring and looking mad we didn’t get some sort of penalty or ticket or whatever the mall has the authority to give.

To top it all off, I saw another person (17 year old) park his car and go in, obviously using his gram’s handicapped pass. Isn’t that far more wrong??? Someone, please let me know the rule breaking etiquette.

so handicapped


5 thoughts on “How Bad Is It?

  1. Right, on both counts. Yes, it is the same as murder. A convoy of handicapped people may want to do some hardcore mall speedwalking, and you ruined their ability to leave their vehicle.

    And yes, someone blatantly using someone else’s handicap parking emblem should be ticketed, or at the very least beaten until they actually become handicapped.

    But that’s just my take.

  2. in downtown chicago, you have to fight for metered spots and often they have very short time limits for how long you can park/how far your quarter goes. but handicapped people can park all day for free. i have no beef with REAL disabled people, but jerks who use grandma’s tags piss me off beyond belief, especially if i’ve been trolling around for 20 minutes and know they’re don’t have to leave anytime soon.

  3. Oooh, another hot-button issue! 🙂

    I don’t know why people get their panties in a wad when you choose a crippy spot over parking in the fire lane. As long as there’s a licensed driver inside to move the car, what’s the issue? Displaying someone else’s tag is illegal, though. But I try not to assume the worst in those cases. I had a crippy tag after my last knee surgery, and let me tell ya, I might not have been limping but I was SO grateful for the shorter walks– pain isn’t always obvious to outside observers! Maybe the kid actually had a sports injury or something. Those tags are usually issued for no less than six months at a time.

    Glad you didn’t get ticketed.

  4. Just be happy that your life isn’t so pathetic that you find your sense of worth in calling mall security on someone who is waiting in a handicap spot. How do you even find the phone number for mall security? Is there a mall 911?

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