UGG Ultra Collection

I’m not a typical product reviewer by any means. I can’t slip something on, love it, and recommend it.

What I did in this case is receive some boots. I wore them for a month. Now I can tell you about them 🙂

I was skeptical of this new line – there are so few good boots out there for women that are fashionable and at the same time functional. My hectic work week/ski weekend lifestyle has been a big adjustment.

So the first thing I liked was having something so stylish that I was able to wear to the office on snow days. I can leave them by the door and throw them on for my ski days on the mountain too. I love the thickness, warmth, and ankle support that is crucial to walking in Utah’s famously deep soft snow.

I wore these during Sundance, every day heading to the hill, and as I mentioned, to the office. People complimented me on them, and yes, were surprised they were UGGS.

Goofing around.

Goofing around.

I’m also pleased that after some rough wear, they still look and feel brand new. These are going to be a winter staple for me – for more than this season.


Tuesday Things

Spending a little time searching for fun toys.

Things I found to share:

Soda Water Maker. I love fizz.

Pillow I’m going to make myself

Adorable Print

A present I actually got yesterday and love already:

Light for my Kindle

And a present to me from me I’ve been raving about:

best eyeliner of all time

As the weather cools down, I’ve been in these too often:

Jeggings! In or out?

Have you got your eyes on anything fun lately?


So, I did get some other gifts too…

First thing I love: Christmas decorations at 60% off.

(Doesn’t this look like something out of a magazine?

And it’s just a wreath for MY fireplace! And it was SEVEN DOLLARS).

Second: A Dadd who spent forever finding me some vintage skis to hang and make some art out of for the house!



All Geared Up

Every year, I go to the ski swap. For three years running, I’ve made out like a bandit. My boots and skis were like a tenth of what anyone else would sell them for. And they’re SWEET!

These are my kick ass boots:

These are the best chick powder skis:

And they’re all mine.

I’ve got a gorgeous new coat (half off in San Diego) to add to the package, and I’m only one step away from being cute and economically sensible on the slopes. 🙂