For A Minute

You might think that with that view I keep bragging about – you remember, the one with the ocean where I can watch the dolphins and whales and walk to the baby seals and lay out in the sun and get tan – that I wouldn’t leave so much. We’ve got some buddies that keep letting us know we should stay in San Diego for a minute. But who has time for that?

TB and I had a girls day. We skied better than ever in the universe, and had the most fun. I can’t explain to you how not good at things I typically am. This is the first thing I’ve gotten better and better at. When BIL and his GF showed up, we had a blast. We skied our favorite, Deer Valley, and then The Canyons,which while more “out in nature” feeling, was comparatively poorly maintained. But it was something new. I learned why everyone hates snowboarders, why you should wear a helmet, and just how much fun it can be flying as fast as you can down a mountain listening to your headphones. I’m trying to force someone to spend our winter months in Park City next year.

TB and I went out for a lunch and I got a fortune that read “Seize from every moment its uniqueness, especially this week”. I’m going to call that the most appropriate fortune ever, and extend it another week.

KD is already telling me what fun I’m missing. So I’m off to sit out on my balcony for a minute, get some sun and watch those waves, because tomorrow is the start of a whole new week of fantastic-ness. As much as I miss Austin and my friends, I am also soooo excited to just go and see some bands and hang out. It’ll be like a brake-vacation.

slow kids at play


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