Viva Mexico

It always takes a week for me to get around to my travels, mainly trying to bug MK to get the pictures to me, since he is in the habit of hiding the camera cords. It rained and stormed almost every night we were there, which was great, as it made the days clear and cool, with just enough cloud cover to relax under, and a nice breeze to keep the heat and humidity at bay.
I needed this trip. It was great family time with MK’s step mom, dad, brother, brother’s gf (Potential Sister In Law?) and little step sister. They are such a fun bunch, and any time we spend together is for learning and laughing, penucle and partying.

We had great meals every day and night, and played ping pong, tennis, shuffleboard, and volleyball. One of my favorite things was painting with KK, and the place glazed and fired the things we made, for the perfect self made souvenir. Check out my little jar:


Looks professional, doesn’t it? I had a little help.
Our place was the top floor penthouse with a great view, a private hot tub, grill, and chairs and tables. Our room was huge. There were four bedrooms and a giant lower level. You can see the marble floors and staircase in the pictures. We traveled into the town and down the beach, and even to the Mazatlan Aquarium, which was interesting.

Here are the pictures!

2 thoughts on “Viva Mexico

  1. Wow, that really does look professional! I love it! I’m from Monterrey originally but I haven’t been back in a while. My sweetie and I are talking about taking a trip down there…I guess I need to get back to my roots. 🙂

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