Swimwear Related Stress Disorder

There is no way I can comprehend how hard it is to find a bathing suit in August. August is supreme swim suit wearing time. It’s still hot out. It’s summer in some places…

Not all of us are going “back to school”. Frankly, I don’t even know why that’s an excuse for new clothes. Whatever. But Macy’s, surely your store is big enough to keep the swimwear around. As a matter of fact, I believe there should be a small permanent display. Some of us travel to exotic locales even in the winter, it’s crazy, I know.

The other SRSD problem I have is the top/bottom issue. Can’t every store keep the ups and downs together? I don’t want just a bottom, I’m not going to Greece every year. It’s not that hard. If someone buys a XXL bottom and small top, don’t make fun of how they look, just put those leftovers to the side. I don’t like ruffling through them. I need both pieces, on one hanger.

You are lucky that I did find the perfect suit. I didn’t even know that there was a much better looking top until I got home and found it on the internet. You are lucky at least I only paid clearance prices, or I might just go order it and save it for after this trip. Last minute shoppers shouldn’t have to pay this kind of a price for hotness. I wouldn’t have spent the whole summer convincing myself that last years suit was okay if I knew how hard this last minute change of heart would be. It’s unconscionable.


One thought on “Swimwear Related Stress Disorder

  1. August is one of my very most favorite times to shop for swimwear online. Why? Because everything is on sale…big time! (And September isn’t too bad either.) The selection is still pretty good. The prices are up to 70% off. And, you can find stores that sell tops and bottoms separately, so that the fit works for you.

    The down side is that sometimes they are out of your size, so be prepared to try a different size, or style. You also have to move fast, because, well, things move quickly on sale and the web sites do not always have the time to update the web pages to let you know that some items are out of stock. Also, don’t be a, “Jenny come lately,”… plan ahead. If you are going on vacation in three days and you are trying to procure a single, popular, bikini, size M, on sale, on a Friday….well, you’re a little behind schedule. Order at least one week, or two ahead of time and remember that most delivery services don’t have regular pick-ups, or drop-off on weekends…business days are M-F.

    Another idea to make your purchase go smoothly is to try emailing the store to make sure that they have your style and size in stock before you order it. Don’t call…they’re internet based and can handle your emails much more effeciently that chatting on the phone. (We just LOVED the desparate woman who looked up all of our staff’s personal cell phone numbers and harrassed us over the weekend…uh…don’t do that.)

    OK…that’s my 2 cents. I’ll climb down from my soapbox now.

    Tropi-Ties Swimwear

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