Momm thinks it is really funny that bad snow year for UT means a year it doesn’t snow enough. Last year (09-10 season) wasn’t that great of a snow year. This year has been crazy. Good snow. Lots of snow.

I haven’t had time to stop and tell you about my holidays since our holidays were so snowy we skied, cleared snow, and slept. It was insane. It’s still everywhere. The mountains are amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better year to go out on a limb, enter, and win a contest where I ski for free all over. I mean, wow.

Every run I take is better than the last. I keep saying best day ever, and it is. Then I have another one. And it’s the best.

As a reminder if you want to see about all things skiing that I’ve written for Ski Utah you can look here.


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