Let The Wall Sitting Begin

There have been a few days of cold rain in Park City.

As much as I thought every little Tweet I started to get a month ago about minute amounts of snowfall at resorts all over the country was irritating, as soon as I drove to run errands and saw it was true in my OWN BACK YARD, I felt exhilarated. What was rain down low was a teensy bit of snow on the tops of Deer Valley, PCMR, and the Canyons. I started snapping pics and calling friends. (Don’t worry, no tweets from me about 5 minutes of white).

Then I had a meeting yesterday about what this whole Ski Utah blogger thing is going to entail. It’s meant to encompass and share this emotion that people in Park City, Salt Lake, and around other hills feel when the snow hints it’s almost time in Utah. That little flutter of my heart that had me trying on my new ski coat with my old pants, making sure my head didn’t outgrow my helmet, talking to MK about new boots and skis at the ski swap.

Movies start coming out, like Warren Miller’s Wintervention. We start inviting guests, reminding them to save up. Putting summer toys away and moving the winter stuff to the front. Stocking up the house and garage, bringing out the winter mats, getting the appointment for the snow tires. There is house stuff that still needs to get done before we start shoveling, but it’ll get done.

JK, of Ski Utah, mentioned now is the time she starts wearing her boots around the remind her feet what that immobility is all about. Me, I do wall sits. In heels. Back against the wall, counting first to 15, then to 30 seconds, reminding my thighs that they are going to cooperate and get me through any snow, any trail, any stunt I put them through. They are my weakest link, even weaker than my weak knees, since they support all of me, and just got used to the idea of being awesome last winter. Apparently yoga has helped and I’m feeling pretty good. Many skiers have told me there’s no good workout to get ready for skiing, and in some sense, until you click in for the first time, your body does forget a bit. But I’m thinking since this year is shaping up to best the best ever, I better be my best ever to give it all I can.

Oh, and I watch Ted Ligety work out, I’m sure that helps.


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