House Crap Round Two

You blog about what’s going on in your life, and I can’t not tell you all these house stories. I really hope you’re enjoying hearing about our misadventures (to borrow a friend’s term) as we learn about home ownership, whether you’ve been through all this before, are shaking your head in disbelief, or are taking notes on what NOT to do when it’s your turn.

Seriously, we could have a HGTV show. No host, (or I’d be the host, it’s my idea) where they film novices reading out of books, consulting the internet, and trying to keep a marriage together while taking on the projects. On the shows they have now there’s someone showing them what a patina is or giving them a 400$ air compressor and nail gun. That’s so not how it is in the real DIY world.

MK and I awoke Christmas Eve to the decision to paint the basement guest room – we have company coming! TB and I picked out a subtle yellow that I was certain would compliment the bed set. Problem is, when I started painting, I couldn’t tell what I had done. The paint was so light it matched the white on the walls at that point. Trying not to cry I finished the job and refused to paint a second coat since it dried a little darker and I was still grouchy. We rearranged some furniture and voila. The trim was acceptable except for one piece, MK was able to salvage a piece from the Utility Room and we were able to fit it exactly to the wall. You’d never know, but underneath is properly sealed. We need some wall art and MK is going to rehang the door so that it opens in the opposite direction just because (I’m lying the house is settling and it’ll be less noticeable that way HA) and that room will be ALL. DONE.

Of note in these pictures: That is my first teddy bear ever. My Dadd won it for me at the St. James Bazaar. The sheets are not that gaudy and shiny in person, it’s the flash. MIL gave those to us and I really like them, so be nice. Can you tell the paint is yellow? I’m thinking a giant wrought iron swirly thing over the bed headboard, thoughts? And finally, NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS. 😉


9 thoughts on “House Crap Round Two

  1. Oh, and P.S. Why go dark with the wall stuff? Use a dark picture frame with a bright (yellow sunflower) painting. Sorry, Momm made me watch Property Virgins on HGTV tonight.

  2. I wanted to do big snow scenes on the wall opposite the bed – this is the guest room after all, and many people ‘guesting’ don’t see snow every day! 🙂 We are changing out every outlet, covers coming soon! 🙂

  3. Snow scene photos? Why bother when there’s a HUGE-ASS pile of it right outside the guest window? Nice job on the room.

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