That Time Again

So it’s that time of year, when the blogging is slim, the holidays are abounding or whatever it is they do to you, and we’re planning on starting over fresh.

Our little plan kind of backfired. We wanted to wait until after Christmas and splurge on some things for each other. Nothing we really wanted was even on sale, and there’s actually not much we really want, or need. So far I’ve spent 7$, on some eye shadow. We’ve been down in our bat cave playing the new Xbox 360 MK got himself for his gift. That is when we’re not skiing. Skiing Christmas Eve Eve was a blast, and the day after Christmas TB’s family got to watch us come down the most challenging runs I’ve done yet. Living at the mountain instead of visiting really does do wonders.

My Christmas Eve this year was similar to last year in only one regard: fajitas. TB invited us over and we hung out relaxed style as the snow storm began. Christmas day we opened the great gifts MIL had sent, watched parades and ate junk food. The rest of the week we skied, as I mentioned, and got to hang out with the TB family. I even got my first (of many to come…) Cranium night.

The end of a year is always a fun and unique time with us, but I always get a little lonely even though I got to visit my family this year. So it was extra special to steal a little TB family love. Now the tree is down, the tourists are everywhere, and we’re looking forward to another storm and some more good times.

I’ve got my cousin JM coming, then WB, KD, JC, NN, ND and co., SH, JM, A and NH, and maybe even a SF. So the fun for us is just getting started. These folks should keep me busy. So the break in excitement is good, I’m going to be cooking and cleaning until March. And there’s nothing that could make me happier! 🙂

I’m going on auto post for a few days, see you here next year!


6 thoughts on “That Time Again

  1. There’s no maybe about it, sister. I’ll be there, I’ve already set the money aside. It’s just a matter of pricing flights at the right time. 😉

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