Utah Musts

Living here goes by fast. I promised Ski Utah I’d try things other than skiing – so far I’ve gotten up one hill with snow shoes on. Barely counts! Every morning I wake up and I’m pulled to another mountain, another challenge on my skis. Then you blink and the winter is over.

I was over here http://www.ginabegin.com/

and then found this:


A list of things to do. While I’ve tried most of the beers and all of the honorable mentions, I thought it was pretty funny skiing was the only thing I’d done on that list.


what is something from your HOME state that is sitting right there waiting for you to do that you haven’t?


6 thoughts on “Utah Musts

  1. You are so awesome to 1. comment on my blog with great advice; 2. mention my blog; and 3. mention @stephenwweiss blog! Thank you so much! Great ideas and great mentions for us. Much appreciated!!

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  3. I live outside of Atlanta, and it seems like there are a ton of “must sees”. However, last year I was in Park City, Utah. I drove out to Golden Spike National Historic Site and was really amazed at the place. I would recommend it to anyone spending time in the Salt Lake City Area.

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