Holy Pigtails And Pillowfights

For serious. You might not know this, I myself wasn’t even sure of this until verification tonight. But it just so happens there are FOUR girls (three of which I have not met) showing up at my house tomorrow night. I’m thinking of sending MK to BB’s and bringing TB over here for the Cosmos. He might go readily – that’s a whole lot of estrogen. Furthermore, the sump pump in the house broke or something (I just went to the mall) so the basement is under reconstruction. We’re only down one room for one night, but it just seems easier that we all sleep in sleeping bags in front of the fire and give each other makeovers.

Okay, not really. We’ll make do. And have fun. I’m so excited to meet the friends SF is bringing and laugh about how they all fall short of my awesomeness. Just kidding… 😉

We’re going to ski. Some of us for the first time. We’ll be back at Deer Valley. ACES! We’ll have drinks. And late night junk food. And probably at least one heated discussion and if the last month is my indicator, some totally unnecessary tears. You know you’re jealous. If I’m really lucky, my old friend JV might even make an appearance, as he flies himself around the country before the start of his new job. He might be bringing a single male.

Cat fight! Contest! Drama!

Yeah right.

I promise not to stir the pot anymore than this epic blog post, and I promise most of this is in jest anyway. But this is our last company! We have to go out with a bang!

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6 thoughts on “Holy Pigtails And Pillowfights

  1. Oh, this will be the company to end all company. You’re going to beg us all to move in and join you on your travels. For real.

    I guarantee, with all of the catching up you & I have to do, there will be tears. If you cry, I’ll cry. And, if I start to talk about how my heart got shredded . . . and how the shredders just will not go away. . . I’ll cry. And, if I catch you up on EXTREMELY RETARDED YE BULLSHIT, I’ll cry. Add that to all of the things you’re going to tell me about that make you cry, and we’re destined. Maybe we can get all of this out of the way in those 4 hours between my arrival and the other girls’? Then, when they get there, they’ll undoubtedly have some crazy hilarious story about how Crystal got the plane evacuated and/or got everyone strip searched, or how Kari tripped as she was getting off the plane and knocked down an elderly couple in front of her. . . and I just don’t know Justine well enough yet to tell you what kind of shenanigans she’ll get them into. . . but I know there will be a story by the time they get there.

    I hope we have a heated discussion. I hope it’s about politics or religion. Or the best shade of pink.

    But, I bet, beyond all other things, we will laugh so hard we pee and we will take the most phenomenally ridiculous photos the internet has ever seen.

    I can’t wait!!


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