Free Limo Anyone?

TheRSVPing has begun. I’m just all up on the internet looking up last years parties (totally the first time this blog has been a resource for anyone) and trying to find the new ones. The free ones. The best ones. SXSW’s a little ways a way but sneaks up on us fast so I’m going for a head start so we’re not pulling a last year (Sparks at the house for hours of “where do we go from here?” debates). Actually that was funny but you know what I mean…

This year the intensity of my excitement is making me nervous. It’s honestly been a crappy couple weeks (months?). Don’t get me wrong- I love skiing and being here but as you know it’s been a little heartbreaking and sad. Getting back to Austin with some of the greatest people I know has me so happy. I hope SXSW can live up to these high expectations. I want to see pH10! I want that place packed! I want to get free drinks, not wait in lines! See the bands everyone is dying to see.

So imagine my chagrin when I see so many great line ups so far away from my foot-coverable ground. We couldn’t even find cabs to get us to the East side last year, it was a zoo. The buses were slow. So we need some help.  I’m going to go ahead and put out there that I need a limo. You put it out there you get it right? (We learned all about that JC and KD). No cab for me. We’re going all out. I want someone to volunteer to drive my friends and I around. Let’s all focus our energies or whatever (I didn’t read the book, what do you call it…) and it’ll come true. Right?

A girl can dream…

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9 thoughts on “Free Limo Anyone?

  1. hmmm… We need to think of something to offer the limo company in return … publicity on your blog, hand out its business cards at the parties, …. think, think, think…if the people at Park City read your blog, you never know, some car companies might too…maybe Rockin’ Ride

  2. Ash knows what she is talking about. Keep seeding SXSW content in your blog so that it drives more ppl to it. Once Rockin’ Ride sees that you have like 2 million readers, they’ll definitely hook the gang up with at least 1 white limo!

  3. KD, Laurel already told me, and it’s a load of crap. Seriously, 95%? Does that even sound plausible? There would be a lot less cyclists having children if that were true.

  4. Mom – Good one!
    Jamie – You really think they’d let me on a bike in a ROAD? You should know by now that’d be the end of me.
    ASH – You are brilliant.
    Sybo – Thanks for trying to pump me up, and do your own shameless plugging.
    KD, Jamie – umm….?

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