Park City Mountain Resort

We have company this weekend that snowboards. MK had taken care of NN and ND in my absence so this was my first trip this year to a resort other than Deer Valley. (DV doesn’t do snowboards). The main problem I had with Park City resort is that they don’t limit their ticket sales. There is no “sold out” point. It was amazingly crowded. We couldn’t find parking. On the mountain no matter what your level of ability, you got to harrowing spots. The pit stops for food were packed. The bathrooms were dirty.

I’m not going to preach too much about etiquette and skiing vs. snowboarding. The evidence speaks for itself…and to be fair there were some crazy skiers out there too. I got pretty worn out looking out for people that were supposed to be looking out for me – that’s why I got better at skiing in the first place- and trying a new strange mountain. I hope tomorrow is a little calmer. Seriously it was a strong reminder that we are so spoiled at Deer Valley and will continue to appreciate that.

Otherwise we had a lot of fun. We weren’t happy to see KG get hurt, but did enjoy the Celtics game. We made new friends and found an interesting new bar. Keeping busy is always fun but I’m headed to a lazy dinner and night in with a movie – unless my eyes don’t cooperate, a distinct possibility.

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10 thoughts on “Park City Mountain Resort

  1. Saturday’s are typically busier days at PCMR and with this Saturday being at the end of the President’s week, crowds were a bit more than usual. However, we do make every effort to keep the guest experience to as high a quality as possible no matter how many people are on the mountain. We even put together a video to try to give some tips on how to get around the busier parts of the resort:
    I hope that your experience yesterday was a bit calmer and please free let me know if you have any questions about Park City Mountain Resort!

  2. I know what to get you for Christmas: you’re own mountain. Luckily, you’re short, so it doesn’t have to be that big.

  3. Eric – It was very cool that you took the time to respond. As an intermediate skier, I was thinking more of what a hard time people would have learning that mountain. I did easily find the least crowded lifts and runs but others were not so fortunate. I do feel however that video is trying to sell me a beer, not tell me that the place will be packed and difficult no matter what. No worries about one dissatisifed customer since there are plenty of others willing to ski there! Really though, awesome that you replied.

  4. As for the rest of you, I was simply comparing the DV to PCMR experience. Not asking for too much. But I wouldn’t refuse the champagne. Or my own mountain. Wish I knew Redford…

  5. @somegosoftly I completely understand where you’re coming from, it’s always a bit of a balancing act as we obviously don’t want to turn away customers, but we also want to ensure a quality experience for everyone that is on our mountain as well!
    Have you had the chance to take a look at our personal mountain tours feature? We try to use that to guide people around the mountain and spread them out from more congested areas – see and let me know what you think.

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