The Blue Bathroom

Every time we talk about the blue bathroom, I feel a little guilty. We found this room with a moose and bear shower curtain, red walls, and a blue toilet and shower. It was the worst room in the house. It worked perfectly fine, there was nothing wrong with it, but it was blue. And technically, it still is. We need a big strong man to come visit and help MK install a new potty. Until then, I had to make it useable.

I painted it green with leftover living room paint just to stop seeing the maroon. I ripped down the shower curtain. After the trim was done we decided there was nothing wrong with a glossy all white bathroom, and repainted the whole thing. We got new door handle hardware for the cabinet under the sink and the doors to the closet.

MK replaced the sink faucet and we bought a new mirror and light fixtures. It’s the nicest, cleanest, most done room in the house now. It’s so nice you don’t even notice the blue toilet or shower. But they’ve still got to go. Soon, I hope!

Duh, comments reminded me you might want to see the potty. Funny story: That shower curtain matches perfectly. We’ve had it in storage for three years.

Never thought I’d see the day – a toilet. My toilet, on my blog.


3 thoughts on “The Blue Bathroom

  1. There ya go! I wouldn’t have guessed in a million yrs that the toilet seat would be wood…What are your plans for the old linoleum in there?

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