Appreciating Your Understanding

Man, I miss you guys! This intermittent blogging is just not working for me! I’m not even sure what’s going on or what to tell you about. We’re sending the computer in so that’s the good news, mainly that it’s not my fault and will get fixed apparently under warranty. Bad news is I’m going to be begging for blogging during SXSW! That’s right folks, finally after much drama my flight is (correctly) booked and I’m off. I was nervous MK wasn’t going to send me but I convinced him getting away will be good for me. SB and others will be there and that has me super excited that this year will be the best yet. The party invites are already rolling in. The band list looks great, as always.

Hopefully KD will put up with my chronicling our adventures this year for posterity from her gear since I’ll be empty handed. Or maybe even JC’s iPhone would do the trick – Apple had a WordPress application that Blackberry doesn’t. Boo. If nothing else, know that I’ll take a ton of pictures and good notes!

In other quick blurt update kinda news we had a ton of snow this week. I still end up last all the time but have to admit I impressed myself – if no one else- this week by learning a lot about how to ski when you can’t see your skis.The pictures don’t do the snow of the crazy new runs justice. I almost want to get myself the shirt ASH liked, “Sometimes I amaze even myself!”

powder lotsa snow new run tb in powder me ski

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5 thoughts on “Appreciating Your Understanding

  1. What is mine, is yours – laptops, fun party dresses, sparks, canned ravioli. 🙂

    No really, I promise to have better food this year and not be such a mess (courtesy of my housekeeper, of course).

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