Break Time

Well, ASH and NH are gone, and we’ve got a whopping 4 day vacation until our next set of guests come. Remember, I keep telling you how much I love the company. That part is true. All my friends clean up after themselves and make such a little fuss they make for probably better company than I do when I travel. They treat me to super nice dinners and totally inappropriately extravagant gifts (NH) and help me pass time and move on from thinking about sad stuff.

I’m just sooo tired! I feel like I never caught up on good sleep. I’m up to two cups of coffee a morning, sucked on my afternoon skiing w/my hubby yesterday, and am kinda having the strangest dreams ever, that end up waking me up and making me very unhappy. MK has been very understanding and we spent the day in the basement playing LEGO Star Wars (dorks). I just want to get going again. Our next guests, SH and JM, are known for their buckets of energy. I’m hoping they can afford to lend me one.

In other news, the end of our lease is fast approaching and as you know the million dollar question is where to next. At this point I’d be happy to hear your non sucky suggestions. It’s getting a little frustrating. I’m all for back to San Diego but there aren’t any places we’ve looked at that blow us away. With MK changing his mind daily from Tampa to the US Virgin Islands (Do phones work there? Do they have grocery stores!??!) I am a little worried he’s going to be making this next move on his own. 😉

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13 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Um. You know how I like my sleep. You’ll be able to catch up while we’re there. 🙂

    And, WTF?! Your lease is ALREADY ALMOST UP?! My vote is Charleston. 😉

  2. Give us five minutes to find you a place, at least for another six months…. (then of course, you’ll want to stay for another ski season). 🙂

  3. Hmm, what about Denver? It has as many sunny days than San Diego AND an awesome aquarium, if you have already forgotten…Or some place pretty in NC. Or Atlanta? If you go to the USVI, you’ll get NO BREAK from guests, so if you’re up to that, then go for it! I support your decision wherever you wind up.

  4. What the heck is up with Charleston? Mom, have you ever even been there?
    You’re just trying to get me closer…
    Trish- We’ll keep working on that…
    Mikin- We realized we’d rather be there AFTER summer…
    Sybo- Aren’t you leaving?
    Dadd, Sybo- That’s where I’m going if I go alone…

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