Third Time’s A Charm

Remember when I startled you with this announcement?

Then confounded you with this one?

Well, we’ve been in San Diego a year, which is longer than we thought at first, but at the same time, after seeing the winter we had to see it in summer, and what a difference there was (winter was better!). All the same, last winter we made so many ski trips that we decided it would be easier to spend a whole season skiing. Having great friends permanently residing there doesn’t hurt either. If you can believe it, they ran around looking for the perfect place for us. I am so blessed.

So at some point around the end of October, we will be moving to PARK CITY UTAH!

Good news for everyone around this site that knows me, you’ll have a free place to stay when you come on your winter ski trip! You know I’m expecting you all to come see me – and bring some good booze in your luggage…I’m not gonna be able to handle that watered down Mormon crap without you. 😉


15 thoughts on “Third Time’s A Charm

  1. I do! I think it is really funny…but Brian is seriously afraid of heights…I took him skiing once and he nearly had a heart attack on the chair lifts. he he!! What a nice wife I am to have laughed my ass off at him the entire time.

  2. You can get plenty of strong booze right around the corner from your house… it just costs more. And, for the record, Park City isn’t exactly a Mormon haven. Relax– you can drink, cuss and kiss your cousin all you want.

  3. PCUT – just 7hrs and 10 mins drive from DCO! And you should really learn how to SNOWBOARD before you turn 30. Skiing is not as cool.

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