Operating Heavy Machinery

There’s more to recovery than just lying in bed. You’ve got to quit worrying about crap you’ve got going on. And if you can’t, well, chances are that crap is going to turn out like crap. Your brain totally counts as heavy machinery that you shouldn’t be operating when your face hurts, but here’s how mine’s been doing:

Husband won’t plan his own birthday. First he wanted to go to Tokyo. Because he’s odd. Then he didn’t want to go anywhere, but he didn’t want to sit at home. So then I planned him a surprise but he had to know what it was so we’re going somewhere that is not a surprise. And I’m supposed to do surprise things. At a place I’ve never been. And we’re meeting people, so his birthday PMS isn’t making it easier on them, either.

Then I have to get him stuff. If you’ve ever received a gift from me you know how good I am at that. But it’s his big super duper important birthday. So he gets one nice thing. That he’ll probably hate. I hate shopping. And gifts. And getting let down after you try and the person is not impressed.

Then we need to move. Not only that but we have to figure out when and how. It seems far off but we have stuff we need to get rid of, and probably a trip to Austin to try to get things out of storage (hopefully for good). We have friends to start saying goodbye to (friends to tell we’re leaving) and events in San Diego we haven’t experienced yet to get in before we leave. We have accounts to close and mail to forward. That stuff takes forever.

I have more dental work, if that can be possible. That was thrilling news to hear about in my foggy haze on my way out the door.

So I can’t stay in bed and read my nice little book and fall asleep and watch TV and fall asleep again. I have to get organized. My brain hurts.


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