Third Time’s A Charm

Remember when I startled you with this announcement?

Then confounded you with this one?

Well, we’ve been in San Diego a year, which is longer than we thought at first, but at the same time, after seeing the winter we had to see it in summer, and what a difference there was (winter was better!). All the same, last winter we made so many ski trips that we decided it would be easier to spend a whole season skiing. Having great friends permanently residing there doesn’t hurt either. If you can believe it, they ran around looking for the perfect place for us. I am so blessed.

So at some point around the end of October, we will be moving to PARK CITY UTAH!

Good news for everyone around this site that knows me, you’ll have a free place to stay when you come on your winter ski trip! You know I’m expecting you all to come see me – and bring some good booze in your luggage…I’m not gonna be able to handle that watered down Mormon crap without you. 😉

Useful Fitness Links

I’ve been doing some hunting…


Five Sites And Articles Worth Reading:

1. Glamour has decent Health and Fitness articles
2. Some convincing pictures and an article advocating not wearing high heels
3. Fit Sugar dot com, a great blog with a network crapload of other links too
4. I’ve been looking ALL MY LIFE – FINALLY, sugar free margarita mix!
5., a no-brainer

Ice Cream

As promised.

Seriously. I never liked ice cream after I was, maybe, 6. Gram used to take me and I’d get pistachio and we’d race to eat our cones without letting a drip drop. I was a pro. But then it was too sweet. I let it go.

When I got to Austin I want to say every (don’t tell my husband) guy that ever took me on a date would end up at an Amy’s Ice Cream. At least before I could sneak in go to bars. They would be all impressed showing the girl new to town the crazy fanfare of a guy mashing stuff into ice cream as though it’d never been done. I tried to be polite and often would fake surprise, or a “No, this is my first trip for ice cream! Wow!”

That kind of sounded like a dirty euphemism…

Anyway, so way back when Brother came to visit he suggests ice cream. We’re all, why not? We never. I got a REDUCED fat some kind of raspberry-graham-cracker-cheesecake. It was amazingly delicious.

Then Cousin comes to visit. And what do we have? Perhaps five or twelve rounds of cheesecake ice cream, in all different places, with all different fruits. And it’s so good. I could live on it.

Except – needless to say, when company comes my gym time declines. So now that I’ve stepped it up to running and weights daily, which I call my “two-a-days”, my question is this:

Ice Cream, anyone?

With posts like this it’s not had to understand why this blog is hitting all time traffic highs.