2010 Olympics

Living in Park City is probably 95% of what has me so excited about the Olympics this year. Many of the athletes have been training here and it’s gotten me very interested in the games. Not only that, but learning to ski changes everything I think about the sport. Wanting to get better has me reading about skiing, trying new skis, and even working out through ski season to be in the best shape I can. It had a lot to do with our decision to get the house here, I love San Diego but I’m not as good at any beach sport and I’ve become at skiing, and it’s become a real passion for me since spending last winter here.

It’s laughable compared to these athletes competing, but just like watching a Warren Miller movie, seeing the Olympics makes me itch to get out on my skis and try my hardest to get better and better, even if it isn’t at 75 miles an hour. I can’t wait to try more runs, to gain experience and just have a blast on the mountains.

I also think a major contributing factor to my excitement is just how accessible the Olympics are this year. We don’t even have cable at the house, and yet there’s plenty of online video access and news coverage for me to see. This page – 


 a link to all the athletes that are Tweeting, has me totally hooked. It’s like I know these people. I get a glimpse into what it’s like to be there, what they are thinking. Too cool.


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