Ready To Go!

For the 8th year running, I’ve set up a Tournament Challenge page on

For the 7th year running, I forgot my password and it was a lot more work than it should have been.

So after tonight go fill out a bracket!

Let me know if you want password info.


The Manning Brady Reality

Everyone’s worried about Peyton Manning. It is very serious. But before he was ever having season threatening surgeries, it was my duty as a Patriots fan to dislike him.

As a girl, it was my duty to complain every time I saw him in a commercial. There are a million.

So while some people were rearranging their Fantasy football teams and reading up to the minute reports, I was thinking about the real issues. Like now that he’s side lined, can we please get the much more handsome, much more intriguing TOM BRADY up in my TV in some commercials?!?!

Because this is what matters. To me. And women every where thinking that as soon as he tires of super models, he is going to come calling on the door of some unemployed about to be middle aged house wife football fan and sweep me her off my her feet.

And this is what we get:

Does it speak for itself or do we need to go into the idea that men already think what with the hair and all that he is a fairy? Now he’s spokesman for the shoes that teenagers wear on the beach even if it’s 80 degrees outside. Oh boy.