Furniture Is Stupid

Well, not all furniture. Just some furniture.

I was crazy enough to forward MK a listing I saw while perusing our local classifieds online last week for an auction. It was some law firm or something and all their office equipment was for sale. We went and looked at the stuff which was mostly junk, but decided if MK could get a desk for super cheap it’d be kinda cool. It was heavy-duty stuff.

There were two identical desks and MK let the first one go. He got the second one. Cool. Then we disassembled it, slowly. After a trip to Home Depot and out for coffee, we took a load home. Yes, in our car. And this is a big desk. The rest was too big for our car so we borrowed BB’s monster truck. And spent the rest of the day moving the last bit. We were there from maybe 10-4.

The desk is still sitting in pieces all over the house. And I haven’t even given you the details. Wait until you see a picture. It’s HUGE. Like, I shouldn’t be lifting things like this I could HURT MYSELF huge. I’m happy Mr. Works from home has a nice place to work from home now, but it was painful for me. I’m a little girl still, in some regards. This was way out of my league.

Otherwise, though, the auction was a blast and we’ve already planned to go to another one. In spite of the desk almost not being worth the hassle it gave us since I am not a 300lb mover man, it was fun and dirt cheap. I’m thinking we should furnish the whole house solely from auctions and Cragislist. Now THAT would make a good blog.

Home Depot, You’ve Got It All Wrong

You can do it, we can help?” Um, no. I don’t want to do it. I’m not that into it. I lived in other people’s furnished rentals with my perfect husband for over three years for a reason. Like I keep telling you, we’re trying not to be those guys, all wrapped up in this house and nothing else. Come on, we’ve gotta stay COOL. Here’s my pitch for your new set of commercials:

“You won’t be here all day” Commercial

Camera shows parents resignedly giving money and lists to cute babysitter who takes three kids and waves as parents get in car. Parents are then shown at Home Deopt, overwhelmed. Scene cuts to babysitter and kids having a blast at the park. Then to parents fighting. Home Depot guy shows up and gives them an idea that’s all ready to go, and they get home hours earlier.

Who wants to spend the weekend at Home Depot? Admit it – I know there are SOME of you out there. We’re just not in that club. We knew home ownership would change things. And we even thought at our OLD AGES we’d be happier to embark on this journey of house flipping. But no.

MK is doing better than I am. He sees tools and crap he’s never owned and his eyes light up. I on the other hand, am still in the camp that if you don’t just decide something, and paint it, and whatever, it’ll never get done. And who cares if the faucet is silver or bronze? Not me and probably not our guests.

So, Home Depot, stop acting like taking up my weekend is cool. Tell me you want me in and out. And tell my husband to get whatever he wants, he’s earned it. And then we can go to the park.

Creative Lovelies

My good friend JC (who got married this weekend, and is now JB!!!) had me over last week to teach me how to make soaps. She’s been running a small business for a while, doing beautiful custom designs (my favorites are the soaps with a loofah INSIDE and the rubber duckie ‘on the water’). I was amazed by her hobby and curious to learn the process.

It was, of course, way over my head. The mixology of color, scent, and shape is an art! There were neat iridescent soaps, clear, and opaque soaps. There were soaps for every occasion, every gift basket, every room in the house.

Here’s a picture of the soaps that we she made:


It’s a camera phone picture, so it’s a little blurry, but we she made shimmery gold flowers, and a bunch of different bar designs. In the back was a half loofah/half soap idea she’s considering. The heart was my experiment – TB gets points for showing me the wonders of Press and Seal.

My main concern was that I don’t use soap that often, I’m a body wash girl. But we got some to take home and try, and the glycerin that she uses is smooth and soft. I was totally surprised. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas…

Since I’m not just telling you how unskilled I am, and I am suggesting you try some soap…

here’s the Creative Lovelies website.

She also has an etsy store link that will be up and running after the honeymoon! 🙂

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Repeated Disappointment

The reason I asked about the face issue was totally that we were going glasses shopping. And we went. And MK still only looks good in bland wire frames. I was hoping we’d discover some new daring style he could take on. I still look totally lame in glasses period. Or, PERIOD.

We both have awful sleep schedules and stay out too late for our own good. We both agree if we could just be comfy wearing our glasses out it would solve half of the bailing early we do. My eyes get sensitive if I’m out in the sun all day, which we usually are. Solution: glasses in public. Problem: what we look like in glasses.

Every four years or so this lame cycle repeats itself (this started when I was 9 or so, people) where I go hoping to find something decent only to be reminded my face looks retarded with glasses. Not only that, but any frame that might look nice will suck once you put my coke-bottle lenses in.

just not hot

just not hot

The lady today suggested that the rectangular frames that look halfway decent on my face were the problem because somehow they make the lenses fit by making them fatter. So I need glasses that are kinda round or at least go up on the bottom corners. There goes any hope I had of looking stylish. But hey, maybe I won’t look geeky?
cool but not allowed

cool but not allowed

Scratch that. I look even worse that possible in the frames that are oval or round or rectangular with an arch at the bottom. Sucky.


So there that goes. I didn’t buy anything. I hate the glasses that I have now, even though I thought they were okay when I got them…  so the problem remains. I’m going to try one more super high end store – for sure some name brand on the side will hide the fact that I look terrible in them – and if I can’t afford them I’ll look on eBay. Chances are I might just give up and go for broke:

The Shape Of Your Head

Do you know what shape your head is? It is apparently super important. You need to know this to know what kind of glasses/sunglasses to buy. What hats look good. How to cut your hair. Which way to do your makeup. How to style your eyebrows.

face shapes

Here’s my problem: They all kinda look the same to me. If your face is a little chubby, it could be round or heart shaped. Or oval. Or maybe square if you’re giving someone a dirty look. Or if you part your bangs differently.

Also, to me, there are things that trump face shape. Like a giant nose. If you have a giant nose, I’m not going to notice the roundness of your face and whether or not your glasses look good, I’m going to wonder if they had to make special glasses to stay on your huge nose.

What shape is your face? Is there a shape better than others? Is my blindness and my funky face shape going to prevent me from ever wearing glasses in public?

My Press On Obsession

Since this is MY website, I try to avoid looking like a total goober around here. I don’t tell you all my painfully embarrassing moments, although I average 5 a day and it would be a lot of content…

That notwithstanding, I just have to admit that the little bit of ghetto nerd in me has a new favorite thing: Press On nails.

Realizing that the mani-pedis were costing ‘the family’ about 80$ every three weeks, I stopped going to the salon for fake nails. I would get a pedicure every couple months as a treat and for major upkeep, then just do my toes myself. But my finger nails were harder to keep nice. In Utah for my birthday I found a little set of nails with rhinestones and flowers painted on. That’s fancier than the french tips I was paying so much for. They didn’t last all that long in the cold and under ski gloves, but they were fun.

In San Diego I’ve been wearing them every other week or so now. A set includes 24 nails typically for about 5$. I’m a savvy chick and can get two sets out of them by filing the big ones down to size. They usually last about a week, you really just super glue them on. I’ve gone crazy about them since I started getting compliments about what cute nails I had. Everyone asks where I get them done and I admit they are press ons and ignore the funny looks.

Here’s what I’ve got on right now:


And here’s all the new sets I just picked up:


What do you think? Am I the biggest dork on the planet? I am a little worried I’m too old for these things, but they’re just so much fun.

Exciting New Toy

There’s a method to MK’s madness more often than not. He researches and shops online and gets us great deals. And I can’t stand it. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a big deal gift and losing that instant gratification – that’s totally my vice. I love seeing it, wanting it, getting it. So what if I forget what it is in a few weeks.

I didn’t even tell anyone about this one – it was on back order and I never thought we’d get to see it. MK got us a new Nikon D90 – a really amazing camera. We’re still waiting on one more lens but have already taken some really amazing photos. I can’t wait to share quality photos instead of links and low quality images. Yay!

Goof things to come

Good things to come

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Mall Madness

Did I totally forget to tell you? Oh my. Well, there is a giant Tanger Outlet in my backyard. It’s the only one in Utah, as a matter of fact. We’ve been quite a bit. Wednesday before Thanksgiving all the sales had begun. We got MK some sweaters and I got a new pair of jeans. Some of the sales were over 50% off.

Thursday night MK and I played video games until midnight. Upon noticing that it was midnight, we decided to take a peek and see if people were heading to the mall for the sales that started at midnight. We took a back road from our house and decided that the economy can’t really be that bad. Either that, or it’s soooo bad that sales at the outlet were the logical answer.

There were cars parked up and down the street. People that had taken the wrong exit were stuck in the roundabouts. The parking lot was full. The store lines were long, both inside and out. We didn’t bring the camera but if you’ve ever done Black Friday morning shopping I’m sure it’s similar. It was a zoo. We laughed as we turned around and headed home.

The next morning MK checked the ads and found a few things he was able to order online. We did go to WalMart and scored a dozen DVDs and some PS2 games for 2$. Good stuff to have for the winter! The store was fairly tossed, and fairly busy. Quite a few shopping carts were balancing flatscreen TVs.

When I lived at home Dadd and I would go to the mall Christmas Eve to make fun of the last minute shoppers. It was almost just as fun to have MK take me to see the late night/early morning Black Friday madness.