Mall Madness

Did I totally forget to tell you? Oh my. Well, there is a giant Tanger Outlet in my backyard. It’s the only one in Utah, as a matter of fact. We’ve been quite a bit. Wednesday before Thanksgiving all the sales had begun. We got MK some sweaters and I got a new pair of jeans. Some of the sales were over 50% off.

Thursday night MK and I played video games until midnight. Upon noticing that it was midnight, we decided to take a peek and see if people were heading to the mall for the sales that started at midnight. We took a back road from our house and decided that the economy can’t really be that bad. Either that, or it’s soooo bad that sales at the outlet were the logical answer.

There were cars parked up and down the street. People that had taken the wrong exit were stuck in the roundabouts. The parking lot was full. The store lines were long, both inside and out. We didn’t bring the camera but if you’ve ever done Black Friday morning shopping I’m sure it’s similar. It was a zoo. We laughed as we turned around and headed home.

The next morning MK checked the ads and found a few things he was able to order online. We did go to WalMart and scored a dozen DVDs and some PS2 games for 2$. Good stuff to have for the winter! The store was fairly tossed, and fairly busy. Quite a few shopping carts were balancing flatscreen TVs.

When I lived at home Dadd and I would go to the mall Christmas Eve to make fun of the last minute shoppers. It was almost just as fun to have MK take me to see the late night/early morning Black Friday madness.



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