The Shape Of Your Head

Do you know what shape your head is? It is apparently super important. You need to know this to know what kind of glasses/sunglasses to buy. What hats look good. How to cut your hair. Which way to do your makeup. How to style your eyebrows.

face shapes

Here’s my problem: They all kinda look the same to me. If your face is a little chubby, it could be round or heart shaped. Or oval. Or maybe square if you’re giving someone a dirty look. Or if you part your bangs differently.

Also, to me, there are things that trump face shape. Like a giant nose. If you have a giant nose, I’m not going to notice the roundness of your face and whether or not your glasses look good, I’m going to wonder if they had to make special glasses to stay on your huge nose.

What shape is your face? Is there a shape better than others? Is my blindness and my funky face shape going to prevent me from ever wearing glasses in public?