Furniture Is Stupid

Well, not all furniture. Just some furniture.

I was crazy enough to forward MK a listing I saw while perusing our local classifieds online last week for an auction. It was some law firm or something and all their office equipment was for sale. We went and looked at the stuff which was mostly junk, but decided if MK could get a desk for super cheap it’d be kinda cool. It was heavy-duty stuff.

There were two identical desks and MK let the first one go. He got the second one. Cool. Then we disassembled it, slowly. After a trip to Home Depot and out for coffee, we took a load home. Yes, in our car. And this is a big desk. The rest was too big for our car so we borrowed BB’s monster truck. And spent the rest of the day moving the last bit. We were there from maybe 10-4.

The desk is still sitting in pieces all over the house. And I haven’t even given you the details. Wait until you see a picture. It’s HUGE. Like, I shouldn’t be lifting things like this I could HURT MYSELF huge. I’m happy Mr. Works from home has a nice place to work from home now, but it was painful for me. I’m a little girl still, in some regards. This was way out of my league.

Otherwise, though, the auction was a blast and we’ve already planned to go to another one. In spite of the desk almost not being worth the hassle it gave us since I am not a 300lb mover man, it was fun and dirt cheap. I’m thinking we should furnish the whole house solely from auctions and Cragislist. Now THAT would make a good blog.


3 thoughts on “Furniture Is Stupid

  1. “Monster truck?” New rule– you ARE driving that monster regularly from now on. It’s empowering; you’ll love it. 🙂

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