Repeated Disappointment

The reason I asked about the face issue was totally that we were going glasses shopping. And we went. And MK still only looks good in bland wire frames. I was hoping we’d discover some new daring style he could take on. I still look totally lame in glasses period. Or, PERIOD.

We both have awful sleep schedules and stay out too late for our own good. We both agree if we could just be comfy wearing our glasses out it would solve half of the bailing early we do. My eyes get sensitive if I’m out in the sun all day, which we usually are. Solution: glasses in public. Problem: what we look like in glasses.

Every four years or so this lame cycle repeats itself (this started when I was 9 or so, people) where I go hoping to find something decent only to be reminded my face looks retarded with glasses. Not only that, but any frame that might look nice will suck once you put my coke-bottle lenses in.

just not hot

just not hot

The lady today suggested that the rectangular frames that look halfway decent on my face were the problem because somehow they make the lenses fit by making them fatter. So I need glasses that are kinda round or at least go up on the bottom corners. There goes any hope I had of looking stylish. But hey, maybe I won’t look geeky?
cool but not allowed

cool but not allowed

Scratch that. I look even worse that possible in the frames that are oval or round or rectangular with an arch at the bottom. Sucky.


So there that goes. I didn’t buy anything. I hate the glasses that I have now, even though I thought they were okay when I got them…  so the problem remains. I’m going to try one more super high end store – for sure some name brand on the side will hide the fact that I look terrible in them – and if I can’t afford them I’ll look on eBay. Chances are I might just give up and go for broke:


6 thoughts on “Repeated Disappointment

  1. It’s so hard to find just the right frames for your personal taste… which is why I almost landed in prison for premeditated homicide when Pearl Vision called to let me know that my Kate Spades had been mysteriously lost in transit by the lab. It was just a few months after Sydney was born, and it was all I could do to get a shower every third day, much less put contacts in my eyes… I NEEDED those glasses! Well, I must have looked like a CNN Breaking News headline waiting to happen, because the manager came to his senses pretty quickly during our second heated exchange and ordered my frames from a competitor’s website. Don’t mess with crazy post-partum women! Just give us what we want and live to tell about it.

  2. Just keep looking – you’ll find something for that beautiful face of yours, eventually! I must have tried on 45 pairs of glasses before I decided on my ProDesign Denmark’s.

  3. I am not sure what that lady who told you rectangular frames wouldnt work was talking about. My eyes are just as bad as yours and I have rectangular frames. I definitely have to get the expensive super-ultra-light weight-as-thin-as-they-can-make-them lenses and I can’t do metal frames because I need a thicker plastic frame to hide the thickness of the lens, but I think that women was talking crazy.

  4. ASH I agree that yours are great. I think I am just never going to find something that looks good on my face.
    Funny addition- My GF KO showed up last night to the bar in a pair that I almost bought. We all agreed they looked great on her, and I put them on to show everyone, and they all agreed it was good I didn’t buy them. Ugh.

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