How Do YOU Pronounce Dunedin?

Akaroa was quaint. Quaint, quaint, quaint. I heard enough of all these people saying it was their favorite place. It would rain less in my favorite place.

Back to driving, and we were headed south to Dunedin, a Scottish flavor town (By the way, they say doo-need-in – I would have gone with dune-a-dinn). I heard that not many people that do tours make it to this city, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Man are they dumb. It was incredible. We didn’t get enough information on the history of the city, but it is part of the Otago region and has (I think) the oldest NZ college. The drive was one I stayed awake for of the best yet and the city, well, it was beautiful. Their downtown is shaped like two octagons around each other, full of shops and inns and bars. Everyone seemed so happy. We got in and wandered around a bit to take some pictures. It was late so most everything was shut up for the day already, but it was absolutely beautiful and we had a big day coming up again, so we were happy to relax at the hotel.

dunedin.jpg dunedin2.jpg dunedin3.jpg

Which, was about 30 times bigger than the B&B, and which also only had one ice machine and no tubs for ice, which resulted in me running through three stories. Twice. In my pjs. Carrying ice in a ziploc. Twice. The things I go through so the hubby and I can drink a little wine.

Speaking of which, I bet it sounds to you like we had wine every night. Well, we did. But we had very little, so there is something to be said for that. Tolerance is a good thing. The issue was, what with moving around so much, we were lugging the stuff we had bought around. We had intended to bring it back to the States, until we realized how complicated (read: expensive and time consuming) this was. Plus, there is a website,

that you can just order stuff from that you can’t get here. When we found that out, well, we had some drinking to do.


6 thoughts on “How Do YOU Pronounce Dunedin?

  1. It’s always nice to hear good things about your home town, thankyou for visiting! However, coming from Dunedin, I think I can say with confidence that it’s pronounced “Dun ee din”. Also, Dunedin is part of Otago, not ‘Central Otago’ which is farther inland.

  2. Hi Matt,
    now I can stop argueing with my friend about stressing of syllabels in “Dunedin” — he insisted in “DUN e din”…

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