Young House Love

Have you seen this blog? Have you read and reread this entire blog? I can’t do anything to our house because I’m too busy reading about theirs! And their wedding, and their baby…

Snippy introduced us all here in the comments, but in case you weren’t checking them out, I wanted to share with you the magic of this blog. You see, our house is old. I think I’ve mentioned that. But it has good bones. Drafty bones, but good bones. It was the first house I looked at and saw tons of potential. And we looked at so many houses. Ask Snippy. In Austin, things were different at the time and our price range, well, we virtually didn’t have one. Remember – banks were giving you all the money you wanted. Thankfully, we didn’t go that route. We put our stuff in storage and moved around for three amazing years. But we still looked at houses. New and old, big and small, ocean front and ski town. All that looking told me was that I wanted a house the made people happy to be in. Not uncomfortable, not anxious.

It took me until now to learn that almost has nothing to do with the house, and everything to do with what you do to the house. And that it doesn’t have to cost much at all. With each new shade of paint of decorative pillow, I’m making the house me (okay, us). And it can be fun. I apologize for complaining and relating a trip to Lowe’s to a root canal. This house is a blessing and not only can we take care of it, we can help it put it’s best foot forward. The plans will be fun. The ‘as is’ is temporary, and neither a budget nor a nail gun can stand in our way. We can do it!


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