Newest Idea

Some of you don’t love when I just repost links, but buzzfeed has assembled a list of the 35 most ridiculous Sky Mall Items


It is funny to me since I own one of these items – no it’s not the wine glass necklace, although I think that’s genius.

I think I should buy all 35 and put them around the house. Maybe it’d get me on the Today Show…

How about you? One on there you would totally buy? Already have?


4 thoughts on “Newest Idea

  1. Which do you own? I am not a paper cup, the bug vacuum or the leather bullwhip? 😉 That statue of Anubis is pretty hot. Might look nice in our dining room.

  2. Thanks for the awesome xmas gift ideas. You own something off this list? I do like the “not a paper cup” but you can get those from BB&B.

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