Reader Feedback Required

Or else. I need your opinions.


Five Reasons I’m Thinking of Retiring Friday Fives:

  1. Not that funny.
  2. 80 is a nice round number.
  3. Was supposed to get others involved.
  4. I could take suggestions for other Friday themes.
  5. I could just post a regular entry.


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9 thoughts on “Reader Feedback Required

  1. What about “Flashback Friday” – every Friday you post a new photo of you throughout the ages. It would require some major scanning of your old pics, but it would be FUN-O! Obviously, you’d want to filter out any pics that would cause Fruit Loops to pull your endorsements – not that you have any of those…

    Or maybe Flapjack Friday – where you make a new pancake every wk and decorate it all crazy-like. Everyone loves pancakes.

  2. Top x lists are always the best. Whether it’s Lettermen’s top 10, or the top 10 on SportsCenter, it’s always the best segment. 🙂

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  4. Pingback: “Everyone Loves Pancakes” « Some Go Softly

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