Cinco de Mayo, 2010

At around three, after painting the living room ceiling (oh yeah, we’re still working on the house if you were wondering) I went over to the B’s and babysat SB while TB and BB packed up and shipped off to the hospital, for T’s full term and ‘maybe baby’ appointment.

The lil man wasn’t ready yet, so they came home to chill, and MK and I got to play pretend house with SB. We took her out bowling, and like the pro that she is, she beat my score. They should have let me use the bumpers. We made a pit stop at the grocery store since we are totally unprepared for children – like, it was surreal having a car seat in my rear view mirror – and got some mac and cheese.

Dinner party at my house was fun. We played in the snow, played on the Wii, ate our macaroni, and had yummy cake-like bakery cookies for dessert. Meanwhile (it’s a shame she isn’t writing this blog post with her side of the story) TB did in fact go into labor, the super rad kind where you drive to the hospital and you’re  in such a hurry and the baby is ready and you leave the car IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING… she had RLB about 10 minutes later. I took SB home and readied her for bed, BB tucked her in, went back to the hospital, and relieved me a few hours later.

All our congrats and lots of love to a family I love as much as my own, the lil man is super handsome, and everyone is doing great. Yay! Can’t wait for the now-a-family-of-four to share many amazing and thrilling moments with us as they settle in.


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