Get Motivated

So when we met up with MH she invited me to a seminar with motivational speakers she was going to for work. I had to say yes since I knew that MK thought I couldn’t get up that early the next morning after our crazy night out.

I really don’t think I have been up at 6am in four years. But I did it. And showered and was ready by 6:30.  I rule. I got a coffee in the car, and a water when we sat down. Energy Solutions Arena was packed. I got to hear Gen. Colin Powell, Rudy Guliani, John Walsh, and Mitt Romney speak. It was interesting. As long as you take what you hear with a grain of salt, those things can serve the purpose of a little reminder to pump you up about life or work or whatever goal you’re trying to achieve.

On the other hand, the thing was super religious (perhaps because of where we were), super patriotic, and super sales pitchy. Fine for me, but I was hoping the other people there didn’t put all their eggs in the basket of the guy promising to make them rich with stock or real estate investments.

Also, in spite of Rudy Guliani telling people to get with it technologically, no one was tweeting. I kept checking searches to see what people were saying. Like I mentioned, there were tens of thousands of people there. I thought it was strange that there were maybe three people tweeting their thoughts. Totally gave MK proof it’s not as major a resource as I keep trying to tell him.

It was a big adventure for me to be out all day, people watching and remembering what it was like to be all done up in business attire. Reminded me of lots of good times in Austin. Almost made me want to get back to a career and busy business stuff. Almost. 🙂


Taco Tuesday Torture

You know we are big old fans of Taco Tuesday. We don’t eat out all the time, and when we do it’s virtually impossible for me to finish a huge serving size of anything. So we end up doing small snacky things and appetizers. Taco Tuesday is a cheap way for me to get a little snack and MK to eat as much as he can. We went on the prowl for some yummy cheap eats on Tuesday night. We started at Windy Ridge. I had one 2$ taco, MK had 2$ taquitos, but the margaritas were 4.75. MK remembered Davanza’s did tacos, so we went there, and were told they DON’T do tacos. Pfft.

We had a drink at Easy Street, which was DELICIOUS and NOT CHEAP. MK wanted more food so we tried a new place called Reyes Adobe. They didn’t have a bar. The call themselves a restaurant and margarteria or some crap and didn’t have a bar. In Utah that means you HAVE to order food to get a drink. We should have left. The taco MK got was gross, the tortilla soup I had to get was gross, and the drinks were even more gross.

The soup was like pureed rice in tomato broth. I gagged it was so bad. Kind of a bust, we won’t be going back there! We learned we should have just stayed where we were.

In other news of the day, I thought Momm would like to see what the mountains look like:

And we ran in to TB and the kids and went back to their place with them to visit for a bit. It was super exciting because I forcibly got MK to hold the baby:

We went to O’Shucks and had a drink with MH and watched the Celtics suck. It was kind of a 45 hour day.

Life Is Blurry

Since JB was nice enough to let us do our laundry, and we heard it was still SNOWING in Park City, we decided not to go home. MK surprised us all by leaving super early in the am (sorry for all the goodbyes we missed) and driving me up to Dana Point. We had a nice breakfast and got on the Catalina Express over to the island. It was pretty choppy (read: hubby close to puking) but thankfully after he sat still while I had a coffee he was all better.

 Catalina Island is really beautiful, we picked the perfect day too. It was warm and sunny. We played mini golf on the cutest little course. We rented a golf cart – which the entire island uses as a main mode of transportation.

Have you ever driven a golf cart? It was the best part of the day. MK drove up to the botanical gardens and I drove from there to a few view points and around the theatre (they just need to stop calling it a casino) to see the divers. I could’ve been happy just driving around all day.

We ate some expensive pizza and looked in the cheesy shops. All there is to do on islands is buy terrible souvenirs and eat ice cream, and we don’t do either of those things. MK let me play photographer with the nice camera so I look forward to sharing those pictures with you.

The boat ride back was much more calm, and we enjoyed the scenic drive up the Pacific Coast Highway through Newport, Laguna, and Huntington, where we spent the night. The drive and the sunset were so amazing.

The only thing is, I could live like this forever. My blog, my daily mom call, even keeping up with friends, would suffer. But I am evil and selfish and would sacrifice all that to be able to have these long random vacations. Who wouldn’t?

Geeks Who Drink

The City Weekly here pointed me to @WWJDinSLC, who then pointed me to Piper Down for a trivia night hosted by Geeks who Drink. I forgot it was even Wednesday, but at 6pm we called up two buddies and ran down to the bar. It was the same pub style trivia I’d played in Austin. It was totally packed, I think there were about 34 teams. At the end of 4 rounds we were mysteriously in 2nd place. Then at the end of 6 we were 7th, then we emerged with a stunning comeback to take 2nd place with 69 points, which we are pretending to have done on purpose, since the winning team only beat us by one point. And, might I add, they had quite a few more people on their team.

I’d like to thank my parents and brothers for the exceptional knowledge I played the round of wrestling quotes and the question about the KFC Double Down. I’d like to thank RD for teaching me about Indian food, I rocked that category too. We won a 25$ gift card to the bar. We’ll be back.

Everyone Loves A Good Open Bar

Our Friday night out last weekend for Sundance wasn’t much, it was late when we got to the St. Regis and the bar there closes early. We met our new friends BK and JK and some company they had visiting, drove down Main Street, and decided to try our luck again the next night.

Saturday we got stuck running late for our cab pickup, so we figured he left us and we hopped on the bus. It was a great decision not to drive because the snow was really coming down. We went to the Spur and happened upon a locals discount and a really loud band. JK’s visiting buddy disappeared and returned frantically waving at all of us to find the back side of the bar, a room I wasn’t even aware of. There was a party hosted by someone (Yahoo?) that no one was at. The one lonely guy invited us all in. Then left. We took over and made ourselves at home. It was perfect because some of the girls hadn’t eaten, and hello, all the food and drinks were free.

All our group.

All mine.

As fun as it is to live like a VIP we wanted to run around and see what was happening. Another bar party, a takeover called Crown on Main, was 850$ for the weekend. So I hadn’t even considered it. Until the door guy waved us in. So we had a drink there too.

We stopped at a coffee shop for Mr. MK and decided our next action plan, as fun as the free stuff was the music from both places had really hurt our ears. The Stanfield Artist Lounge was supposed to be where the good stuff was, so we headed there next. We were badgeless, wristbandless, and not going to pay to get in. We waited in the line figuring since we’d had such luck so far, we could talk our way in.

Then we noticed the reality of the situation. Anyone could get in for free. The ‘out’ door was closer to the line than the ‘in’ door, and people were just wandering right in. *shrug* We had to try it. We got in and up to the bar when a big dude asked to see our wristbands, as they had finally become aware of the flaw in their door system. I still had my coat and gloves so I fumbled around as we made our way out the door to safety. That was close. At least we got in long enough to see we weren’t missing anything, it wasn’t much of a party.

So we got a ride to our car from a sweet guy that didn’t know what he was getting into. The roads had not been plowed and the highway was just stopped. We were stuck for about 30 minutes, then had our own drive to our place to contend with, which was the craziest thing we’ve ever done. I didn’t want to scare my Mom with this one. We almost didn’t make it. But, we did.

Through this:

It was a super fun Sundance weekend considering we didn’t plan anything. MK even saw a movie, thanks to BK.

Busy Bees

I don’t feel too bad, over the holidays I posted plenty of house stuff and no one was wandering around the site. It’s still so much slower than usual that I have taken some time off from the internet to play. We had friends in town and got to ski Brighton and Snowbird for the first time. Even without a ton of snow, we are finding plenty of fun.

There’s no down time though, even apres ski beers have to end and we end up painting and doing house work. Will have tons of pictures eventually, we’ve gotten a ton done since we have our first visitors to our new home coming Sunday. Can’t wait!!