SXSW 2011 Day Four

Here’s what I want to do –  I want to remember this trip forever. I’m going to give it my all (of as much all is left) and give you my in detail play-by-play, and also some thoughts on the SXSW Music Festival over all. I couldn’t have met better people, seen better shows, and enjoyed thinking about the past years and how the event – and my experience of it – has evolved.

PS – as always you can click on pictures to enlarge.


And then it was Saturday. KD and I took our time getting downtown and ate before catching just the last song by Oh Land at the BV showcase, which made me wish I’d seen more Oh Land. Outside was free drinks, shades, and the band !!! (chk chk chk) which I thought was new but actually got together in 1996. Nic Offer is a super fun party in and of himself, dancing around in his hot shorts. Loved it.

!!! (taken with my phone)

Today was the day of super great photos, that made me wish I had taken a lot more photos. I finally have a nice camera and got the settings worked out. I should have been given a press badge on the spot, even my phone camera was doing better than the dudes with 1,000 lbs. of equipment that they kept bumping into people with (I mean, come on, really, there were people outside at this show with SATCHELS and LEATHER BRIEFCASES, what do you HAVE in there?!?!).

We moved over to the East Side but Mess with Texas was a hot mess, so we went back to Shangri la and happened to catch the Black Lips before eating dinner and heading to the Polyvinyl Showcase. The band Yip Deceiver is a side project for of Montreal’s Davey Pierce. Loved loved loved them. Good stuff. The next band was the worst band I’d ever seen at any SXSW ever, then there was Casiokids, a favorite from last year, that somehow was less engaging than I remember.

Yip Deciever


We headed over to Emo’s and saw FM Belfast, which turned in to a crazy party of the super fun-nest times. I also caught the tail end of Neon Trees, which most people at SXSW wouldn’t be impressed with much, but seeing as they are Mormons from Utah it was cute to check them off the list!

FM Belfast

BEST OF TIMES: FM Belfast and Yip Deciever

WORST OF TIMES: We went to bed before 4am! 😉

Tweet(s) from that day:

Just saw !!! and now I’ll be picturing you all in short shorts all day#sxsw

Defying description: The Polyvinyl Showcase is on #sxsw

Comments: Sitting in the road arguing with JS about the merits of Mumford and Sons and Kanye West is something I will always remember. It is the people you share the SXSW experience that make it perfect, and seeing my old friends and meeting KD’s new friends every year are the best part of the festival to me. I am so lucky to be able to go back for this each year. Look at this post. I mean, it must SUCK to be this bad at something where the whole idea is standing around drinking, having fun, and finding out about new music. We used to do the wait in line big deal parties, now we do the showcases. It’s been so neat to evolve into someone with a semblance of what to do (in my case more like who to follow). Thanks to everyone that each year makes this trip the highlight of my spring!


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