SXSW Night One

There is too much going on to talk about! There was the talking about the Interactive panels, the Twitter phenomenon, the blogging for money, for a career, a worthwhile discussion to be had by anyone. There was a King of the Hill conversation I missed but threw Homies in there anyway. I’ve made it D-elebrity status after talking LC and JA to wear ponchos with my name on them if the rain keeps up. And of course there was the music!!

The rain did not let up. We took that as a challenge. Unfortunately, it made us late and we missed the band that I really wanted to see, Quiet Company. Fortunately, it was a small crowd, so later on we got to meet the band, score the EP, and visit about topics from blogging to tambourine resumes. Which I may soon have one of – to try and get in a band of course – woohoo.

I also talked to Tony Pierce about the panel, the blog world, and everything I missed by not being smart enough to score the badge and browse the panels. I was a little concerned that he’d have better things to do, but he was the coolest for fielding my questions and doling out tips. XXOO.

We forgot our camera, which was completely inexcusable and will not happen again! Promise you’ll get to see first hand all the fun we’re having!


5 thoughts on “SXSW Night One

  1. I can’t wait to join in on the festivities with you and give you a great big High-5 for reaching Delebrity Status.

    *pats himself on the back for coining the term*


  2. hey, it’s tommy from quiet company. appreciate the mention on the site, hope you get to see us in person sometime. in the meantime i’ll be checking out the site

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