Legoland is the perfect fun zone for children ages 6 to 13. Or ages 30 to 35.

DW is my buddy for all things I’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance. This is a great post about one of our adventures together. So with him here I had a buddy (couldn’t believe CH turned me down) to drive up to Carlsbad and pay too much money (I will swear forever I was not the one in charge of the coupon) to see Legos. Legos everywhere. Rides were for small children, even though we made our way on to a few. MK let us go be happy and excited, and took our picture so often the camera battery died.

We watched screaming crazy kids run through water, look at Lego Miniland, and eat junk food. And I might just be speaking for myself (but I doubt it) when I say: these things are much funner without the kids. The kids are what most adults are even there for, but we were there for us.

We (I) keep telling the joke, we’re going to have kids that want to go, and we’ll just say, “Nah. Mom and Dad went, here are thie pics. Look how much fun we had! You wouldn’t have that much fun. The lines were long. This is close enough”.


6 thoughts on “Legoland

  1. Oh, God. I don’t even want to think about Legoland. We went to the zoo today. What a friggin madhouse.

    Do yourselves a favor. Get some shots of Disneyland now, too.

  2. I love legos! Have been working on a few projects with them. I have my Lego Dreamliner airplane I am working on. Today, my daughter was running through the house with it. What a scary site!

  3. LOL@ the brick artist guy’s website. I’m trying to decipher his expression… It’s either saying “Yeah, bet you wish you’d thought of this before you went to law school, huh?” OR “This might look like fun, but it gets me NOWHERE with the ladies.” Ha!

    What do you think?

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