Geeks Who Drink

The City Weekly here pointed me to @WWJDinSLC, who then pointed me to Piper Down for a trivia night hosted by Geeks who Drink. I forgot it was even Wednesday, but at 6pm we called up two buddies and ran down to the bar. It was the same pub style trivia I’d played in Austin. It was totally packed, I think there were about 34 teams. At the end of 4 rounds we were mysteriously in 2nd place. Then at the end of 6 we were 7th, then we emerged with a stunning comeback to take 2nd place with 69 points, which we are pretending to have done on purpose, since the winning team only beat us by one point. And, might I add, they had quite a few more people on their team.

I’d like to thank my parents and brothers for the exceptional knowledge I played the round of wrestling quotes and the question about the KFC Double Down. I’d like to thank RD for teaching me about Indian food, I rocked that category too. We won a 25$ gift card to the bar. We’ll be back.


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