Don’t Wanna Grow Up

All this politics and Olympics watching got me for a second. It made me wonder, am I a grown up?

There are certain facts beyond my ability to vote that I consider are features of being a grown up. I am married. I’m finished college.  I’m a legal driver and drinker. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut better. I feel compassion. I put others first.

Then I get stuck. There are far more things that don’t get me in that category, in my opinion. I don’t own a home, have a mortgage. I don’t have any kids. I mean, I don’t even have a job. I play around all day. I wear neon colors. We play video games a lot. We take naps. We go out for ice cream when we’re good. If I don’t get my way I whine.

We’ve all got our little things. And for the most part I’m trying to make you laugh. But seriously; my parents had three kids by the time they were our age. We don’t even think we’re ready for a cat. Are we running late? What makes you a grown up? Do you just decide?


4 thoughts on “Don’t Wanna Grow Up

  1. I think that being “grown up” is just a state of mind. We may be older and have more responsibilities, I hope we just “mature” not grow up. I think when we become “grown up” we stop possessing the ability to take yourself back to the fun of being a kid. When we stop enjoying the innocent fun of playing Marco polo in the pool or having a raging game of pictonary or Yatsee then we are “grown up”. Having said that I plan to never “grow up”. Good post!!

  2. I’m in the same boat. When my mom was my age, she had 7-year-old twins. I think for the past three years she’s been waiting for me to settle down, get a full-time job, give up my dreams of being a writer, and work until I retire. I think she’s starting to realize that all that’s not necessarily the best thing for me. All of the “phases” she thought were going to go away with age are still here.

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