Tuesday Things

Spending a little time searching for fun toys.

Things I found to share:

Soda Water Maker. I love fizz.

Pillow I’m going to make myself

Adorable Print

A present I actually got yesterday and love already:

Light for my Kindle

And a present to me from me I’ve been raving about:

best eyeliner of all time

As the weather cools down, I’ve been in these too often:

Jeggings! In or out?

Have you got your eyes on anything fun lately?


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Jeggings are still in, but watch out– I might buy a pair soon and that will signal the demise of their time on the hot list.

    As for the pillow, do a better job than the stock photo and include an apostrophe in the proper place… and then make two, because I want one!

  2. Shrimp – I trust your judgment, good to know. Since I’m really living in them for the entire winter.
    Trish – Exactly why I couldn’t buy that one – needs to be accurate! 🙂 Pick out a fabric pattern with me and I’ll make you one. And totally get the jeggings – I could have JB send you some – the (multiple) pair(s) I got ROCK and were 5.99$ in San Diego.

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