Auction Action

This post is a long time coming and you’re still without some of the photos that make it hilarious until I kick MK, and he’s too tired from house work to be kicked right now.

First, there was the desk auction. The desk ended up being worth 5000$. We, as you might imagine, got an insanely good deal. So we went to a day spa auction. It was a total rip because one guy wanted all the hutches that had caught my eye, and the rest was no exactly what we needed to furnish a house (although if someone knew how to give massages the table for that might have really come in handy after skiing). Then there were some fun ones.

First, some guy that spend 3 million upgrading and renovating and furnishing a house in Park City had I don’t know what happen to him. The house was foreclosed on and going for 1.5 million, and his stuff was auctioned off. ALL his stuff. Poor guy, unless he did something bad, in that case he is totally get what you deserve guy. All the furniture/house stuff was auctioned off, including some notable items such as this moose head – it went for 1400$.

A longhorn (like a dead one’s head, like the moose, which I DID BID ON but did not win. Thought it would be funny but in reality wouldn’t have even fit on a wall in this house). And a USC helmet  autographed by BOTH Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart (those are the two USC Heisman guys right? I feel blasphemous even mentioning their names, Hook ‘Em). That helmet went for 240$, which I would imagine to be a good deal but what do I know about that stuff. I was bidding on it early on and was planning on taking a baseball bat to it for a YouTube video because it would have been funny. For 10$, not 240$.

We got an awesome table. Out of all the stuff I wanted, people were going above and beyond what you could buy the stuff new for. Getting a little too caught up in the excitement I think.

Then, today, we went to a car auction preview. This one is nuttier because if half of what we’ve heard is true, the owner was buying one outrageous automobile a day to launder his drug money until he got caught and either murdered a witness or FBI guy (that part is too muddy) and they seized the hundreds of automobiles. There were some of the craziest cars I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes.

(pictures of cars)

There were so many cars they have to have two auctions and we have a buddy coming in to shop too. I can’t wait to see how this goes. Unless MK comes home with the DeLorean, then he’s grounded.


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