A New Phone

There have been quite a few occasions here that I’ve told you about my love for my Blackberry. It was a super fun phone and I was addicted to it. I may have not mentioned that I also had many problems with them. The latest Curve that I had crashed and shut off recently, and wiped my address book.

I fortunately had most numbers written down so I didn’t have to get on FB and whine to everyone asking for numbers. But I didn’t really feel like redoing the address book. We discovered that we were eligible for new phones and went to the Verizon store. It was busy but we were taken care of quickly which was great. Droids were buy one get one free so we both upgraded for almost nothing.

At first trying to figure out the phone was fairly amusing. It’s the first phone I had to read the user manual for. The lady at the store told us these things had a two week learning curve and the store even held classes to teach you how to use them. It took me about 4 hours, but I’m in business. All the things I had on my Blackberry are there, and so much more. The app store for the Droid is like crack.

I thought the Blackberry was fun, this thing is killer. Even MK is using the apps and things more than he did on his Blackberry. We’re hooked.


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