The Goody Spin Pin

I love it when things work. And here I can tell you that they do. From the traffic to this post in particular, I know a lot of people are interested. Let me know if you’ve tried these yet! I also love it when someone tells me some new product works too. Let me know your favorite new things so I can share.

My current joy is the Goody Spin Pin.

Not only can I put my hair up and make it look fancier than normal, like I knew I was doing a real updo, but when I take it down, there aren’t any creases or any of that crap that can typically happen. In fact, my layers curl and look better that if I style it, so I’ve been putting the pins in my hair damp and taking it down when it dries to do it for the day.


One thought on “The Goody Spin Pin

  1. They took some playing with, but they work really well for me. I discovered that it works a lot better for me to use a ponytail holder first (directions say it is not necessary). A couple of bobby pins may be necessary too, but only a couple. Much less than I would use without the spin pin!

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