SXSW 2009 – Saturday

We got off to a little bit of a late start Saturday. By the time we got downtown, LC had let us know not to bother with the 5 block long line at the Rachel Ray show. We took our time and enjoyed a lunch at the Brick Oven and headed over to the Mohawk Hot Freaks Showcase.

Boy were we glad we did. KD, SB, RB, and I picked the right place at the right time (again!). I got frisky with the door guy and finagled a crazy extra amount of extra free drink tickets. Yum. JC showed up and met us, and some of KD’s friends. We saw the Vivian Girls, Viva Voce, Camera Obscura, and Peelander-Z. Peelander-Zis the band you see three hundred pictures of. Maybe it was the 50 PBR’s, but their show was pretty hilarious.

JP and JC suggested that we go see the Gay Blades, a band that had played the Midgetmenshowcase Wednesday that I sadly missed. So we headed over to the Jackalope after joining up with DW. It was there I met my sister in law for the first time. Super exciting! We got along so well we didn’t even notice some band had canceled and there was no music. Oh well! The afternoon was a blast – my favorite kind of let’s all just go with the flow day. The Gay Blades music and showmanship was great and I was excited to be running around town in the great weather.

Click here for the ton of Saturday day show photos.

Everyone went their separate ways for the night and KD and I decided some home cooked food and a break sounded good. We headed to her place and not only caught the end of a close UT game, but saw the fireworks over Auditorium Shores for a show there right from her place. It was pretty amazing. A short snooze later we decided to check out the iheartcomix party, with a lineup that included Popo, Jaimie Fanatic, Maluca, and Diplo. We tried our best to ignore the strange surroundings, the weird crowd, and the warm beer, but couldn’t handle the awful sounding music and the wait in between sets. We made it to until about 2 and called it a night, sorry Diplo. That’s two years in a row I couldn’t hold out for you…We were glad to have made it out, but there are no photos, as there was not much to photograph. As far as I’m concerned, it’s best that we made it back out even if it was a bust, or we would have always wondered…


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SXSW 2009 – Friday

Friday KD dropped me off right on time to walk right in to a door with no line, where I could go inside and meet all the boys, get a wristband for all the beer I could drink for $2, and listen to more fantastic music. Yes, I went in. Yes, I got the wristband. Yes, Club Deville can sure throw a day party!

A few silly conversations and Tallboy PBR’s later, we saw a great lineup: The Obits, American Analog Set, The Thermals, and The Hold Steady.All good stuff. Other highlights of my day included seeing more old friends, watching the boys make everyone’s mouths drool by ordering a pizza, and switching from tallboys to normal size beers, but realizing that would mean a four-for-one plan would be set in place. I didn’t get a picture of the group, but I’ll find you one. We were the party, that’s my favorite!

Here’s the link to the Friday Day photo set.

I ran out to see my favorite band, pH10, on their way to setting up, and met up with LC, JA, etc at Side Bar and saw a band called Deer Tick. (Thanks, LC!) It was adorable. Look at the pictures. They are young. And fun.

Friday night KD and I met up with JC and finally remembered there are places to eat that don’t get busy, you just have to hunt for them. We ate at Saba, and super happily SA and JM ran over to say hello. We all ran in to the craziest bar party ever just to be able to have a drink and visit. It scared JC so much he went home- but it was exactly what I needed, a drink and loud music trying to get you excited. No one’s fault it wasn’t very good… SA and JM happened to be meeting up with a friend at the same place KD and I were headed – so I got to run into a friend from kickball – which you know is a long time ago since it was one of my first blog posts! We hung out for a bit and watched the few bands and WB also met up with us. Then it was time for Honeyclaws, a band I really enjoyed last year. It was fun to see how much they’ve improved and how they came together and adapted to better suit their individual styles.

WB gave in since it was late but KD and I made it all the way across town for the greatest performance from pH10. With a limited time to set up and rock out, they did just that. I couldn’t be happier to have such talented friends! We also caught i45. Fun stuff.

Here’s the link to the Friday Night photo set.


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SXSW 2009 – Thursday

Let’s get the recap party started.

I arrived in Austin Thursday afternoon. KD, being all business, picked me up and we headed to the Fader Fort, it was a great time to pick up our wristbands for that. We dumped my stuff and headed to the Red 7. The Mexican (full strength!) beer, the warm sun, and no idea what band I was about to see. The Hard Lessons killed it. And reminded me the music really was why I was here….

Lucero came out next. Another fun set of dancing rock music. And then, the Hold Steady. I started to feel spoiled. We were having a great time and I got to see almost all my old buddies right away. Then, the littlest man ever decided to pick a fight. Then a nice guy saved us. That’s why there are weird pictures, had to get one of the creepy guy and one of the nice guy. After the fact the story doesn’t have as much punch, but it was a continued theme throughout our weekend that I kept wondering if my marriage or life keeps the weirdos away…

I took so many pictures you all need to sign up for snapfish if you haven’t already, I can’t possibly get them all up here. This is the link to the Thursday day pics- click and join – it’s free!

That show ended and we happily headed over to the Fader Fort. As you know if you’ve read Who’s Going Softly, my favorite band is Massive Attack. I got to see them back at ACL. They got me in to Tricky, and he happened to be appearing at the Fader Fort. I was super excited. We had a little bad DJ set wait, and then as it got dark, this crazy beefed up rock star emerged and looked like he was tearing it up. He looked intense. Problem was we couldn’t really hear him all that well. We’ll chalk that show up to an experience, either way.

We wandered, ate, and went out for a show that I would love to tell you about – but I don’t know what any of the band names were, and all my pictures look like black rooms with red dots. Hmm…I bet that was because of the Free! Vodka!

Here’s the link to the second set of photos, Thursday Night. Trying to make this easy on you…

fader fort tree

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San Diego Street Scene 2008

There are a lot of music festivals out there. I haven’t really been to that many. But of course, ACL is a great example of a streamlined successful one. People tell me Jazzfest is the same. And SXSW is the best thing that has happened to so many people for years. We tried Sasquatch. Meh. I’ll see Lollapalooza someday. I’ll never go to the desert for Cochella.

I hadn’t seen hardly any live music in San Diego so I decided to pop over to Street Scene. If you’ve lived here longer than I have you care a lot about the fact it was returning to the streets of downtown for the first time in a long time and whether or not this was good or bad. I just had a free Friday night.

The ticket price for what you get was a little iffy (75$/day pass), since the days are only 4-12, and the four stages are maybe two blocks from each other. I saw Diplo, TV on the Radio, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, and Beck. I have already seen all of those bands except for Beck. Beck was not very good.

If there was one word I had to use to describe it, I’d go with ‘cute’. Seriously. It was like a little miniature attempt at a music festival that really turned out more like a block party.The one great feature was a beer garden portion of the CROWD in front of the STAGE. If you follow me, this great invention means I kicked it with my 21 and up brethren and didn’t have to watch my step, unlike outside the beer garden, where the ground was literally littered with unwashed raver children. Yuck.

We went to the 94.9 after show at the House of Blues, which I’ve always wanted to check out. The surprise band was NOT MGMT like I had been praying since I missed them, but the acceptable reggae beats of Michael Franti and Spearhead.

So I ended up not going back for Day Two. Literally no one I knew wanted to go back. And besides Ghostland Observatory, who I can never tire of seeing, I’d seen all those bands too. Am I getting too much music at SXSW? I sure feel spoiled when I’ve seen all the bands I want to. Here’s a funny review from someone who didn’t even make it. I’m not old -yet I hope- but I get what he’s saying.

Collegiate Memory Inspired Antics

I’m not gonna lie or sugar coat this situation. I in a moment of insanity forgot my friend’s birthday. Her 30th birthday. SB, my college roommate, had to go so far as to call me and remind me I missed it and I suck. To be fair, we were planning a Mexican getaway to honor the event, and its cancellation is what prompted my forgetfulness. It’s not like I didn’t have it written down. Also in my defense (ask my mom), not having anything to do all day makes them all blur together and oftentimes I just honestly don’t know what day (week, month) it is.

Anyway, to apologize, I got SB here to SD. Her arrival late Friday was pretty exciting, as I hadn’t seen her since our road trip through Denver to Seattle. We commenced celebratory drinking at the La Jolla Brewhouse, ran kicking and screaming from stupid old Jose’s, and did a little late night drive through La Jolla Cove, calling it an early night so we could make the most of the long weekend. Did we, and how.

Saturday morning we had some technical difficulties with the car, as in we had to have it jumped. We walked the Cove again, stopped in at Karl Strauss (another brewery, already)



for a sampler and a Bloody Mary, and then meandered to Porkyland, our tourist coming armed with plans had suggested this place – it was great Mexican food.

Car fixed we drove to Balboa Park and paid 4$pp for the lamest Japanese Garden (it’s really 100ft. long) and wandered a bit taking pictures. When we were read to go, the car was not. Seriously, stupid car…so loving Super Husband let us cab it to Old Town while he waited (and waited) for the solution, which was determined to be a new car battery.

SB suggested the Jolly Boy Saloon in Old Town since she wanted absinthe. (She does not mess around). What I saw and we chose first was a sight which my eyes have never before been blessed with:

Wheel, Fire, Beer-Margarita

Great Inventions: Wheel, Fire, Beer-Margarita

Yes, a beer IN A GIANT MARGARITA. Or, a GIANT MARGARITA with A BEER in it. Whichever you prefer. It was AWESOME. Due to it’s size, we shared it responsibly. Then shared the absinthe. Then we were totally roasted. It was, maybe 2pm. We wolfed down some ice cream (yup, still gorging on that) then husband picked us up. We made it to Del Mar just in time to bet on the last two horse races before – seriously, she planned the whole trip, basically – we set off to the infield to attend the last concert of the summer Del Mar series that SB had discovered: DEVO.

Seriously. DEVO.

Seriously. DEVO.

As you can imagine, it was pretty hilarious. We topped out at about 30 minutes of rediculousness and headed home to clean up to head to the Gaslamp District. We had some dinner, some more drinks, and gussied up. I know it was a holiday weekend, but I’d never seen the bars so busy. There were lines everywhere, except (thankfully) Mr. Tiki’s, our staple starter bar. From there we hit up The Field, staple number 2, and some super cool new bar I forgot the name of.

Sunday morning we headed up to Mt. Soledad, then found the SDSU library and Dr. Suess statue (that was mostly for me). We went to the Gliderport, where it was super windy and there were a ton of paragliders out. We tried to get to Lahaina’s in PB but again, the beach was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it, even more than 4th of July. We changed-of-plans it right to Cass St., who serves up 4$ rice vodka spicy Bloody Mary’s. Are you seeing the theme yet? Back to our pool for some more drinks at sunset, a fashion photo shoot, and then off to the Pink Elephant, a pretty great neighboorhood hipster theme bar.

Pink Elephant Bar

Pink Elephant Bar

We got convinced by running club to meet up at Bourbon, where there was, no lie, a foam party. I tried my best to stay away from the madness, but we did have some fun dancing.We got home and totally ran through the parking garage, pool room, and etc. making messes like we were 19 again. Good times.

The next morning, hangover free, miraculously, we hit the Cove for snorkeling and the Shores for Body Boarding and Bahia Don Bravo’s for lunch all before getting SB on the plane ride home. We managed to squeeze quite a bit in.

Here’s the rest of the silly photos.

If My Pandora Could Talk

Things that my personalized Pandora site would mention to me from time to time. It would, of course, be in a voice similar to Stewie in Family Guy.

“Oh, Spoon, huh? Well, that’s original…hmm. what else you got on there? Interpol? That’s rather similar to – well, Spoon, sort of, isn’t it? So, you want me to suggest something else to broaden your horizons, but probably not too much, since you picked such mellow bands, how about Cold War Kids? You like that, don’t you? I’ll just play a bunch of those songs then.

“Oh wait a minute, did I just get a little crazy and throw in some John Legend there? I bet you have no idea why. Oh, there you go, just clicking the little thumbs down before you’ve even heard it all. Well fine, excuse me for trying to send a little culture your way, what was I thinking? You go back to chilling, here’s some Editors and Iron & Wine. More your speed.

“What? You like Ladytron? And LCD Soundsystem? What am I supposed to do with that? You’re messing with me know, aren’t you? Couldn’t find the band you were looking for, I think it was Sunny Day Real Estate. No? You really want me to play this stuff? You have some friend over you’re trying to impress or something? Well, only once in a while, but mostly it’s going to be Radiohead and popular bands you’ve already heard of. Stop trying to test me for obscurity. Don’t make me come through the computer. I know where you live.”


Do You Like Country Music?

There is not much that I know about the country music scene, but I am being enlightened here in California by my dear dear friend JV. He has recently redesigned and relaunched his amazing site, and I am here to tell you to go check it out, while he works hard to throw up the massive amounts of knowledge and things he gets to experience (I get to send him on his way to Nashville for the CMA Music Festival this weekend).

There are videos, bloggy bits, and music for you to peruse. With the help of another Somegosoftly friend, RD, there will in time be more amazing content for you to enjoy. I’m most impressed with the site and hope you will be too!

So check out the new now, and again, and later, again.


Blast From My Past

It is unreal to me that this song is over 10 years old. It was on a CD that SB bought/made me in college and I never ever have been able to stop listening to it. The new remix is only made better by the video keeping the all time important ‘running man’ alive. You know if you’ve been out with me that to embarrass my husband, nothing works like breaking out the old dance moves. He’s really sick of me showing him this video. I’ve been watching it for a month now, and just wanted to share “in case you missed it”.