If My Pandora Could Talk

Things that my personalized Pandora site would mention to me from time to time. It would, of course, be in a voice similar to Stewie in Family Guy.

“Oh, Spoon, huh? Well, that’s original…hmm. what else you got on there? Interpol? That’s rather similar to – well, Spoon, sort of, isn’t it? So, you want me to suggest something else to broaden your horizons, but probably not too much, since you picked such mellow bands, how about Cold War Kids? You like that, don’t you? I’ll just play a bunch of those songs then.

“Oh wait a minute, did I just get a little crazy and throw in some John Legend there? I bet you have no idea why. Oh, there you go, just clicking the little thumbs down before you’ve even heard it all. Well fine, excuse me for trying to send a little culture your way, what was I thinking? You go back to chilling, here’s some Editors and Iron & Wine. More your speed.

“What? You like Ladytron? And LCD Soundsystem? What am I supposed to do with that? You’re messing with me know, aren’t you? Couldn’t find the band you were looking for, I think it was Sunny Day Real Estate. No? You really want me to play this stuff? You have some friend over you’re trying to impress or something? Well, only once in a while, but mostly it’s going to be Radiohead and popular bands you’ve already heard of. Stop trying to test me for obscurity. Don’t make me come through the computer. I know where you live.”



4 thoughts on “If My Pandora Could Talk

  1. It’s not that bad, I used to like it. For some reason, lately it’s totally getting on my nerves. And t hey need a “Play it NOW” feature if you’re looking for a specific song. That’d be genius.

  2. Hahaha oh man. Sometimes Pandora is just.. awful. Other times it’s fantastic!

    Are you actually.. into Interpol? If you do there’s this sweet band you might like called War Tapes. We’re offering a free download of their new song “Dreaming of You” of you’re interested 🙂 http://sarathan.com/free/wartapes/

    Katy from Sarathan Records

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