Another Birthday Month

Every year, January has been my birthday month.

That totally sounds retarded.

Every January, I celebrate my birthday for a month. That’s better.

It is my birthday month, all month. It’s all about me. I want a beer? “It’s’ my birthday month”. I want company to come visit? “It’s my birthday month”.

So far, there have been some highs and lows.


  • See previous post.
  • LP and CM came up and hung out this weekend, I made myself a cake, had a bottle of wine.
  • We filmed some seriously silly Ski Utah videos (stay tuned).
  • I took a snowboarding lesson!


  • Stupid Patriots.

SB is coming soon, with presents and promises for even more silly video making shenanigans. I can’t wait.We’ve even got tickets to see Ghostland Observatory and Das Racist.  Hopefully the rest of the month is as great as great as it’s started out. It will make me forget the getting older, entering (gasp) the last year of my twenties part.


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