Another Amazing Before And After

We almost didn’t buy the house because of this room. The shower was as blue as the potty. I didn’t want to let anyone see it! I didn’t ever think we’d be able to do this:


11 thoughts on “Another Amazing Before And After

  1. What were they thinking?!! I’m not as offended by the blue potty as I am by the weird ceiling fixture sticking out from the wall like someone might mistake it for a sconce.

    It IS an amazing transformation. Great work!

  2. You know you and Snippy should have your own home improvement show with all the projects ya’ll have going on. I’d watch it.

  3. It’s absolutely beautiful, and such an improvement!!! If I may be so bold, I’d like to suggest something larger than those shadow-box shelves for the area above the towel bar… I think you could increase the functionality of that spot quite a bit. Just a thought. 🙂

  4. I’m pretty sure that show would involve a lot of really great intentions of getting projects completed, but would wind up with more empty bottles of wine and giggles than actual home improvement.

  5. That would make for great TV that people would watch as long as we yelled at each other then made up. And painted things colors the other person didn’t like right after they told us not to. Got this in the bag.

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